Archer Review: Krieger. Hard at work.

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Every single time we go to Malory's apartment for a dinner party we have to watch the ISIS gang get rid of a dead body. Granted, we've only been there twice.

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However, this season's dinner party was even better than season one's "Killing Utne." Sure, there were fewer spies posing as prostitutes, but Lana's French maid outfit more than made up for it.

This installment was just so much more elegant.  Come on, was anyone else dying every time Cheryl and Archer brought some of the worst accents possible to the table? The most elegant people in all of New York.

As much as murder mysteries centered around dinner parties have been done to death, "Lo Scandalo" brought a fresh level of disturbance to the genre.

From the moment we were introduced to the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi Savio Mascaloni (wait, don't they use a King?) in his Zentai with marital aid in rear, you knew you were in for a disturbing episode.

But to truly fathom the creepiness, the always amazing Krieger needed to be called in for his gift. I'm not even sure what the creepiest thing the guy did during the episode. Chopping up a body, designing the drop-offs to be in a smilie face or asking to keep the butt plug?

But the real cleverness of the episode wasn't Kriger's disposal, but the Usual Suspect-esque reveal as we learned how Malory played everyone for a fool in abetting her murder.

And as impressive as Lana's Rainman counting of the bullets was, my biggest moment of the reveal? Yet another potential father thrown into Malory's cess pool of potential donors. With the timing and description working out so well, whose money is on Gladio?

Eh, who am I kidding, we'll never find out. I'll leave you with some of my favorite moments and observations from the episode:

  • Who knew that a Zentai covered the whole body and a cat suit stopped just below the head? And where was that knowledge during American Horror Story?!?
  • Where could you get coveralls that time of the night?
  • The classic Irish man's dilmena: do i eat the potato or do I let it ferment so I can drink it later?  Seriously, what is it with Malory and the Irish?
  • Anyone else craving Italian? Can someone pick me up a number-10 can of tomatoes?  
  • I still can't believe Malory did it. I really did think it was that wicked king.
  • How did Krieger clean up that bathroom in time?
  • 35 years? That is a lot of hate sex. Even for Malory.

Lo Scandalo Review

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