American Idol Review: And the Semifinalists Are...

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American Idol skipped the formalities and jumped straight to the action of rounding out its semifinalists tonight. Let's find out who will be competing live next week, shall we?

American Idol Semifinalists

We're picking up right where we left off with a blubbering Adam Brock. We get to hear again that the one thing he'd do if he could do anything is sing. Steven says he loves to watch a man cry, so he hates to do this, but Adam's made it to the Top 24. J.Lo wipes away a few tears, too.

Jeremy Rosado makes the long walk next. He wowed the judges in his final audition and received a standing ovation from all three of them. There's a lot of soul in this 19 year old. J.Lo says he's a nice kid and calls his final audition transcendental. "There's no way we wouldn't want you in the Top 24 this year," J.Lo says. Jeremy's in.

The contestants still waiting to be called back are growing more and more nervous with every contestant who returns. Shannon Magrane's no exception. There's just no other way to put it, but Shannon's good. Great, even. Steven asks her if she's looked back on her time there and she says that what sticks out in her mind is forgetting her lyrics. Ryan, meanwhile, interviews her parents and brings up Steven's "hot, humid, and your daughter" bit with them. And again we relive the awkward. Again. But Shannon's made it through so maybe that makes up for it.

Scott Dangerfield, who had to pull out of Hollywood last year, enters the judges chambers next. He says that overall he was happy with his performance and the judges' criticisms the whole way had been on point. J.Lo says she's been a fan of his since last year, but this year, she didn't feel the same thing for him she felt the first time. And then she lowers the boom. It's not his year.

The pressure's building for Skylar Laine. After seeing Chelsea Sorrell make it, Skylar wonders if there's room in the compeition for two country girls. She channeled her inner Reba McEntire and shouted the lyrics in an attempt at being grovelly. It worked for her, though, since she's taking another spot in the Top 24.

Howie Day Hallie Day makes it through. And so does Chase Likens. And Aaron Marcellus.

Three spots remain. And there's still half an hour of show time left with the promise of that twist still on the horizon.

Michael Bolton Deandre Brackensick recounts that last year he took what they gave him and came back with the intent to stay this year. Has he done enough? This dude loves singing falsetto. Or he thinks the judges love his falsetto. J.Lo says they can see how much he's grown and they'd be crazy people not to ask him to be in the Top 24.

Jermaine Jones had his mama fly in to be with him for what may be the final moments of his journey. He is a wreck. He doesn't want to disappoint his mom, y'all. He says he thinks he's good enough and he wants this more than anything. Randy says he's one of the most different contestants they've had in a while, that he was great in his initial audition and has had a bunch of ups and downs throughout the audition process. J.Lo says he had some shining moments and it was a joy for them to watch him through this process. Randy lets him know he didn't make it. And we get another "good lookin' out."

Of all the "no" votes the judges have delivered, Jermaine's seems to affect them the most.

Shelby Tweten, Hollie Cavanaugh, and Ariel Sprague make their way into the judges' chambers together. One of them will take the remaining spot in the girl's line-up. Steven makes it quick and dirty and Hollie's the lucky one.

The final two boys remain. David Leathers, Jr. and Eben Franckewitz take the long walk to learn their fate. In their final audition, David sang Michael Jackson while Eben sang Joe Cocker. While both songs came out long before these boys were ever sparkles in their parents' eyes, David's made more sense. Eben sounded...old. And not in a good way. David had some confidence issues during auditions that have prevented him from making it any further. Eben's going through. And we got three more "good lookin' out's" from Randy.

And with that our Top 24 have been selected. The boys will be up first next week on Tuesday with the girls' live performances following on Wednesday night.

But wait: the twist.

The judges have decided they're reinstating one of four eliminated male contestants. Either David Leathers, Jr., Richie Law, Jermaine Jones, or JOHNNY KEYSER will be rejoining us next week for a Top 13 guys line-up

I'm, well, I'm conflicted. David deserved to be in the Top 24, if you ask me, while Richie and Jermaine did not. But how can they bring Johnny back when he hasn't been through the final audition? While I'd love to see him back on my screen again, that doesn't seem fair to the other eliminated contestants. We'll find out next Tuesday.

What do you think of the Top 24? What about the twist? Is it fair for Johnny Keyser to be brought back into the competition without undergoing the final audition?


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