Vampire Diaries Picture Preview: Welcome, Abby Bennett

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Bonnie Bennet is living in a dream world these days, seeing coffin-related visions on The Vampire Diaries and wondering what the heck they mean.

On the January 19 episode, "The Ties That Bind," this witch will take a step closer to the answer, while also coming across a rather important individual from her past: her mother!

Persia White makes her first appearance on the installment, showing up as Abby Bennet and interacting with her daughter for the first time in 15 years. What does she have to do with Klaus? Who is Jamie, the young man Abby took in years ago and who is living in her farm house? The answer are over a week ago. But glimpses at this character and this episode are right here, right now:

Bonnie and Mother
At Abby's Farm House
Jamie and Abby
Stefan with a Stare
Serious Negotiations

Before Bonnie says hello to her mom, she'll say goodbye to Jeremy. Watch her learn of Elena's brother for her brother in this Vampire Diaries sneak peek.

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