Two and a Half Men Review: Awful Alan

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As board member of Walden Loves Bridgette Enterprises, Alan remained true to what's been a season-long theme on Two and a Half Men this week: the guy acted like the biggest scum bag ever.

Fighting for Walden

I can handle scum baggery, but the very idea of the man suddenly giving up his loyalty to Walden for a red Porsche and a touch from Walden's mother - that could only be described as "Slowly and in a Circular Fashion" - seemed ridiculous, considering he passed on selling on Walden's very expensive rhodium wedding band.

Now, suddenly, the irritating little douche required a multi-million dollar bribe of his name on the Malibu beach home to remain a loyal friend? Sure, I'll buy it for the purpose of this episode. But it's going to make me look at Alan a little differently the rest of the season.

The episode was also too dependent on Walden and his new array of supporting characters (Bridgette, Zoe, and Robin), all of whom were situated around the board room table.

After the midseason finale, I realized the series was going to closey follow the show's new Rose, Bridgette. And that's fine, I know Judy Greer is more than capable as taking over as the resident crazy lady. However, this week, she appeared much too sane, plotting with Robin to protect Walden's money from his investments. All this talk of fiduciary responsibility was far too... sensible. After driving through the house, I'm going to need a little something more than mother manipulation.

All in favor of never heading back to the Walden Loves Alan Enterprises board room? Aye. And bringing back more old Men supporting cast members? Seconded.


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This show sucks!! . This show will be cancelled.
Charly come back please!!!


Seriously where are all these ratings coming from, all the reviews on the web are overwhelmingly negative and dismissive. Cant actually believe this lame show is still running. I guess stubbornness is bliss. Those producers must not have internet to not even see all the honest feedback. i bet if it were all positive this shit would be on the news. clearly he has the media support.


This show is a joke, ashton butcher was the worst pick ever. This show will be cancelled by next season, as a true Charly loyalist I have yet to see a show with butcher on. Too bad, this was probably one of the best shows ever until butcher came along.


This spring the network offered both main stars a contract for 2 more seasons, without a pay raise. Ashton and John Cryor both requested raises. When all was said-and-done, the actors ended up settling for only a ONE-year contract, still no raise. So apparently the network is holding all the cards and the actors are holding none. I'm guessing that advertisers are jumping ship and the producers aren't able to command as high a price for commercial slots as they used to when Sheen was on-board. Sheen was making 1.25 million PER EPISODE, for years. Yet his replacement, Ashton, can't even get a raise to get his salary up to HALF of Sheen's. If Ashton was bringing in viewers, he'd be able to negotiate for obviously he ISN'T bringing in viewers.


Two and half men is the worst without Charlie. Serves them right


After watching every show with the new cast, I have come to the conclusion that the Great American Wasteland is still alive and doing well. The show has slowly evolved into nothing but cheap potty humor, no plot, no real laughs but plenty of painful to listen to canned laughter and did I say cheap potty humor? No way that this disparate attempt at continuance can touch the brilliance the show had when Charlie Harper was alive and well. Like an earlier poster said, thank God for re-runs.


To bad that 2 1/2 men now requires at least one scene of Aston Kutcher either half or fully naked. The ratings are steady but it's probably owing to the younger female sector. Mr. Kutcher seems to have only one persona as far as an actor and that is a reprise of his That '70 Show character. My thought for a Charlie Sheen replacement was to have Emilio Estavan return from the dead (they do it all the time of the soaps) and take over Charlie's character. It would have been interesting on several levels (real brother taking over brother character). All sorts of situations could have been written. Speaking of which, does anyone else find the writing a bit dimmed from previous years? I watch the reruns with the sharp barbs and returns but don't find any of that in the current series. I'm not watching too much anymore except for the reruns.


Thank god for reruns. This show will never fly without Charlie.


There is no humor instead I find it plain stupid! Charlie rocked the show. What aid take letting him go!


Did Charlie Sheen take the writers with him when he left. I can't even watch this show anymore. The storyline, if there is one, is all over the place. You made a fatal decision to let Charlie go and bring on Ashton Kutcher. Ashton was great in the 70's show but he cannot fill Charlie's shoes on Two and a Half Men and the show stinks. I was an avid fan who can't even tune in now.

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 12 Quotes

Walden: You've mistaken tooth paste for lubricant?
Alan: Just once and it stung like hell, but my penis was minty fresh.
Walden: How did you know it was minty fresh?
Alan: Years of yoga and loneliness.

Alan: Can i tell women it's mine?
Walden: Why would you stop now?