Two and a Half Men Review: Goodbye Hipster Jesus!

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I can say whatever I want about this week's Two and a Half Men, but it will all come down to a former prison barber and the death of hipster jesus.

Already the target of celebrity gossip and TV news sites, Ashton Kutcher's, and thus Walden's, haircut was front and center this week, as Zoey made her man cut his hair for his corporate party.

There was sadly little else to the story - aside from the amazing joke of Alan's attempts that led to the episode's title, "A Possum on Chemo" - worth mentioning. It can pretty much all be summed up in one picture:

The New Walden

Wow. So what did you think of Walden's new clean face and combed 'do? Will his newfound ridiculously pretty looks help finally make you forget about Charlie Sheen?

As for the actual episode story and jokes, most of them were left in the capable hands of Alan and Lyndsey and their own little Beavis and Butthead, Jake and Eldritch.

There seems to be a lot more cheesy stoner humor this season, but the boys managed to land a few good ones, between spewing bug spray to clean up roaches and tricking Alan into heading off to Lyndsey's.

But that's when things got good for me, when we learned what keeps Lyndsey coming back to Alan: his low expectations and sexual prowess. Alan may have been less than pleased... but just pick up a copy of Cinnamon's Buns. Or any old season of Melrose Place on DVD. That's worth any amount of dead buffalo farts.

I always welcome her pretty face and crude humor around the Malibu beach house. If nothing else, it keeps Alan away from occupying two minutes of screen time, taking pictures for an online dating site. Unfortunately, it may be one less rubbing it out joke...

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The storyline about Walden's beard and hair was pretty funny but it also reminds me of how there seems to be a pretty widespread aversion to facial hair these days, an aversion that I find pretty silly. The Lyndsey character has been a good character but I'm starting to feel that it's time for something new for Alan that doesn't include a woman with a short fuse and a bad fart manner. I think the point about Alan's relationships with women should be that they never last. Like with Kandi, hot and stupid and the funniest of them all, but it ended. Overall this episode was good, not one of the better ones and not one of the worse ones.


I definitely like the haircut and shave. The old look was simply slovenly, no matter how much money Walden was supposed to have. The problem with the show is that the tension that existed between Charlie and Alan created a great foil for the brotherly love you knew would eventually surface. There's no tension in this new version and Alan is simply portrayed as a cheap, parasitic horn dog. John Cryer can do so much better. There's not enough of Berta and Jake isn't funny anymore. Both of them seem to be simply props and Chatty is a much better actress than she's given credit for with these scripts. Are the writers still on holiday or are have they just given up?


I hate the the new writing for Jake ==pothead etc.


For the record, AK looks better with the haircut. Not that it will make the show any better ...


What's with the rubbing one out joke? Would any man ever conceivably say that in front of a woman? Same with the line about carpal tunnel. How low are these writers going to make Jon Cryer sink?


Dump Ashton and just do a show with Berta, Jake and Alan. Their characters with Alan's ex and her husband and kid could be made into a funny show. It doesn't need Ashton and hasn't been good except for them since this whole season started. Not getting any better either. Sad! I miss the old show.


i just want to see more of jake and berta


I tuned in for this episode, just to see what I was missing (having only seen the first two of the season). I was hoping for more character development - or perhaps more *interesting* character development. Sadly, my choice to avoid this show was only confirmed. It seems a little sad and tired now, after Charlie left. I don't think it can be salvaged anymore - even in an alternate universe, where the producers fired Ashton and begged Sheen to come back, and he did. Too bad.


Sorry, the show is just no good anymore. Sure, it's about time Walden cut his hair, because he looked awful, but he still stinks as an actor. Alan and Charlie were great together, along with the original cast. It just isn't funny anymore. I'm sorry to say, it is no longer the best show on television. I've been watching to see if it would get any better, but I get more and more disappointed, everytime I watch it. I really don't care if they take it off the air at this point. I would rather watch reruns of the show, when it was Alan, Charlie and the original cast. Chuck, you screwed up what was once a great show!


you'all are so wrong about two and half men.the show is so much better since charlie left..the show is so funny now.i love it so much..

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 13 Quotes

I tried, [the beard] grew in patchy. I looked like a possum on chemo.


When I was married to judith it was my choice to get a vasectomy, new kitchen, and a labradoodle with a diarrhea.