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The Vampire Diaries Video: A Tribute to Delena

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There's at least one viewer of The Vampire Diaries out there who has clearly chosen a team in the Salvatore brothers' battle for Elena Gilbert's heart.

A new fan-made video in honor of Delena is making waves around the Internet. Does it make you want to swoon? To boo? To simply applaud the effort? Watch the tribute now and react:

NOTE: Do you have what it takes to put together a tribute video? To Delena, Stelena, Forwood or any character you desire? Give it your best shot, email the final product to and we'll post the best ones!

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Ugh so tired of delena fans... Stelena!!! :D




This video and couple are so much better then the alternative :)


@Girl5. Lol. Are you a child? Is Youtube and all internet polls "Delena" also? Good. Lawd. I mean seriously. Haha. Just gave me to much ammo and I'm completely anti ship.


Delena loves do not make up the entire fanbase of TVD. However, I was just told that this is a Delena site, so will be sure to unsubcribe.


This is a great TVD video :)


that was actually a really good Delena reel; i loved it


Its called "Timeless Love" its almost 3 minutes long and already has 30,000 views. By ShatteredxDesires. Delena kills Stelenas views and vidz ....even tho Stelena vidz etc have been out longer :)


Look up Elena and Damon on youtube. There's a ton of great vidz, this one is by "ShatteredxDesires"....If there was ever an endgame, Delena is it