The Vampire Diaries Teaser #5: Let's Make a Deal

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The weeks and days have turned in to hours and seconds, as The Vampire Diaries finally returns this evening with its winter premiere.

Visit TV Fanatic the nanosecond tonight's episode ends for a thorough review, discussion and debate - and scroll down for a refresher on the four teases I've offered so far, followed a the fifth and final tidbit...

Threatening Elena

Teaser #1: Someone will exit Mystic Falls.

Teaser #2: A big secret will be shared.

Teaser #3: A former setting will be seen/used again.

Teaser #4: One character will save the life of another.

Teaser #5: Elena will strike a deal with Klaus.

What will it entail? Who will it involve? My excited lips - or typing fingers, really - are sealed. But you are mere hours away from finding out!

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@Pink I'm laughing at your comment right now because these are teasers. Haha. The reporters, such as Matt, will only tease what the CW allows them to tease. If you read around the interwebs, these are the same teases everyone else has for the episode airing tonight.
@VampireBarbie these teases are about tonight's episode, not general plotlines going forward.


My guess is that Elena's deal is that if she can get the coffins back, then Klaus will leave her & her loved ones alone for good.
As for the rest of the spoilers...
#1 Jeremy leaves.
#2 The whole Klaus's-death-leads-to-Damon's-death-by-hybrids thing, and why Stefan REALLY helped Klaus, which I'm guessing has an effect on the slow progress of Delena.
#3 In the extended promo, I don't know if anyone else saw it, but when (I think) Damon was smashed into a wall, it kind of looks like the tomb to me.
#4 Alaric saves Jeremy, leading him to go to hospital, and then comes in Mrs Wesley/Dr Fell (who I hope isn't anything like an old Fell we've met before aka scumbag Logan)


I would highly doubt that Klaus will leave Mystic Falls since he's building a house for his family. He's sticking around Mystic Falls for a while!!

Matt richenthal

@pink: Happy to entertain. That's my job! What sort of teasers are you guys looking for? Do you know what the deal with Klaus is? Or who leaves Mystic Falls? Or what secret comes out?
These are just meant to whet the appetite, not give anything away. I'd like to keep getting screeners, not get on The CW naughty list!


nothing new....sorry....


Yeah, this is stuff I already know. But Thanks anyway. Here's soemthing you might not know for you Forwood fans! Julie Plec said that Caroline and Tyler won't be able to stay apart for to long. She also recently said in an audio interview with TVguide. That the harder they fall the more glorious the recovery. Those are things people don't really know.


LMAOOO!!!!!! Matt, your "teasers" are funny. Let's just say its a good thing there are other reporters promoting this episode.....Still love you but these are not "teasers"....My friend and I are laughing at you right now...we're like seriously..lmao


will she handle out Stefan!? Noup but she will probably demand Klaus to leave Mystic falls if she gives him the coffins!

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