The Vampire Diaries Sneak Preview: "Bringing Out the Dead"

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The Vampire Diaries may be taking a week off next Thursday, but at least last night's "The Ties That Bind" gave fans something juicy to ponder until we wait for the show's February 2 return:

Elijah. Oh, yes, he's back.

What sort of impact will this Original have on "Bringing Out the Dead?" It's unclear, but the official CW synopsis teases a dinner party thrown by Klaus on the episode, one that will reveal more family secrets and then get interrupted by "an unexpected guest."

Elsewhere, look for Sheriff Forbes to deliver disturbing news to Alaric and Elena; while Stefan seeks help from Bonnie and Abby; and Caroline does all she can to prevent a tragedy from taking place.

As you await the new episode, remember to browse through our Vampire Diaries music section and ruminate on what's ahead in our show forum!

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I wonder what tragedy Caroline is trying to prevent?


I'm so happy elijah is back,can't wait for next ep.


shirtless badass Stefan is always good 8)


I agree, some characters should stay dead, but i think i speak for most of us when i say LET'S MAKE AN EXCEPTION FOR ELIJAH!!!! He's awesome. ;)

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Can't they left someone Dead already . The show doesn't feel like they characters are really in danger
That has been one of THE major complaints about this show from this websites fanbase(real fanbase, not guest fangirls who go how awesome it all is) for quite some time:
- Death is meaningless in this show. There are just so many ways TO NOT die and to un-die that its ridiculous and pointless. Also made even worse by the fac tthat those who actually get DEAD do not impact anything nor anyone. They are just forgotten(jenna, john, etc, was there any grief? no) Other complains include Elena Gilbert the queen of boring non-character, no plot direction and obvious misogyny/sexism in the show.


So happy Elijah is back =) x


Can't they left someone Dead already . The show doesn't feel like they characters are really in danger


God I love Elijah!Please don't kill him!Make him the Big bad a ss who can kill Klaus.I hope he lives!


Cant wait the episode looks great

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