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i was having my doubts about the show during the last few episodes but they really stepped up. very well done, i have nothing to criticise


I've been following the blogs for a while now and for the first time, I've decided to put in my two-cents here because I just don't agree with some of the comments about Elena and how she fessed up to Stefan:

I must disagree with those of you who took offense with how she phrased it and implied that she was being less than truthful. In her mind, the only confession to make to Stefan is the fact that she kissed Damon back. She feels guilty about having kissed back. Both of them knew that Damon loves her. There's no need to tell Stefan that Damon initiated the kiss. Stefan obviously knew immediately after Elena's confession that Damon did kiss her and hence he took a swing at Damon towards the end of the show. I'm not sure how others could've interpreted these series of events otherwise.


Good to see E back! But i hope he dnt do the same mistake again by trusting Klaus!


1. Fav scene!
Elena telling Stefan about the kiss, and knocking Jamie out! This show is a wicked game! And Stefan showed he still loved her if it wasn't the case he wouldn't care.
2. Feeling bad?
why? he brought it on himself! He left them he could've keep her by his side, but he pushed her!
3. No comment!
4. Elijah, Bill or season1 stefan?
all of them. Elijah will change the whole dynamic of the story, Bill kicked Tyler hard and as a Stelena fan I say come back Stefan!
5. Elena?
what can i say!? Of course she is! She hasn't the twisted mind both of them showed during this 3 season! But in Serbia we say U are like the peoples Ur with so! She isn't sunshine!
6. Birth!!!


i dont think anybody was as happy as i was to see elijah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait till next thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the last episode was simply amazing!!!!!!!!!!! thumbs up!!


yeah, u guys are saying damon is better, but you seem to have forgotten an impulsive damon who just snaps and kills people. Damon is as bad as ripper stefan...i mean thats why they are all vampires. I can't say elena is better than the brothers bcoz she has been through a lot, all she wants is to be free. Alaric telling Dr. fell or what ever her name is about the ring was a stupid move,i mean no one know what her intentions are. Elijah so glad bcos i can't wait to see people heart been ripped off,and i hope bill forbes succeed with tyler.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Difficult. I love the scene in the kitchen with Damon, Elena & Bonnie. Flirt eyes then "we kissed," Hilarious yet so cute and subtle. And then the Stefan and Elena scenes, because Elena was so ballsy, she pulled them wooden bullets out, waked that Jamie with a stick and spilled to Stefan about the kiss without being apologetic and sensitive to his feelings. Also I'm hoping that all this admitting they kissed means she's ready to admit her feelings for Damon. Though the scene with Bill and Taylor in the hospital is sweet; they both show their love for Caroline and how much it's going to cost them both to fix Tyler. Amazing episode.

Did you feel bad for Stefan when Elena told him about the kiss?
It was a heartwarming scene and I don't know how the writers did it but they actually made me feel kinda sorry for the both of them in that situation. Though i'm not happy to see Stefan's humanity back.


Stupider course of action: Alaric telling Meredith about his ring; Elena leaving out the sheet that identified Abby; or Abby not thinking ahead when she took Jaime in years ago?
Abby would be so lonely if she blocked out all human contact because she killed on vampire. It's Elena's house where no one but Alaric should really be so i don't think it was that stupid. Alaric trusting Meredith is crazy though, she seems physio, and that's a pretty important secret.

More welcome return: Elijah, Bill Forbes or a semblance of humanity in Stefan?
Elijah's return was brilliant. I don't like Stefan with humanity- it's boring. Mental Stefan I like. Though the scene was genius.Bill is an interesting background story.

Is Elena really better than both Salvatore brothers?
NO! Damon isn't bad as far as vampires go, he's drop dead gorgeous and would do anything for her. Delena and Stetherine.


4.) Stefan's returning humanity..And here I was think that Paul wanted to milk his lost of humanity forever, but the show must go on and "the losing of Elena" is very different to "I've lost Elena."
5.) On a Klaus Vampire Scale of actually Living... Elena hasn't apparently lived. In my mind, therefore Damon is the better.
6.) As with @Sarah's objections to actually giving birth, but then again most TVD realize that this is a supernatural universe and the pain is worst to watch.


1.) Fav scene: It's stupid if you didn't choose Elijah's resurrection.
"So Nick Klaus, what have I been missing?"
2.) Well, if Stefan didn't realize that by trying to kill her over her parent's death bridge wasn't going to push Elena off the Stefan pedestal I don't know what would push her away. I was more thinking that Elena should have said:
"You've already lost me..."
3.) Abby. Most people that live in a supernatural universe need to be paranoid to survive. Watch Dean Winchester when he semi-retires with a family. Believing everybody is a demon or under compulsion is a necessity.

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