The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The New Deal"

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Hmmm... did anything significant happen on the return of The Vampire Diaries this week? Our Round Table members might have a tough time coming up with topics for the first edition of this feature in 2012.

JUST KIDDING! Read on to see what Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi and Dan Forcella have to say about "The New Deal" and all the crazy, sexy happenings that resulted from it...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The drink Damon and Klaus shared. I'm always a sucker for enemies that sort of respect each other, and also sort of need each other, so they can actually have regular, calm conversations that are never too far away from an all-out war. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Steve: I'll let the teenage girls in this panel swoon over the closing scene and point out some broader things I enjoyed from this well-written episode: Tyler differentiating siring and compulsion, and establishing a gray area in between; Seeing Klaus on the defensive for a change; Damon's increasing alcohol consumption and inner turmoi; Bon-Bon playing a (relatively) useful role.

Dan: We will get there in question five, but for me, it was the kiss. It was equal parts sweet and awesome.

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Was Elena right to have Damon compel Jeremy?
Matt: A tough one. But... yes. It echoes what Damon told Stefan last season: truly loving someone means doing what's best for him/her, regardless of how that makes he/she view you. Elena was thinking solely of Jeremy's well-being and not of how angry he might get at her if he ever finds out what happened. That's real love.

Steve: She was. It's exactly the kind of decision a concerned sister would make. I just wonder what they told the family friends in Denver.

Dan: Yes, and if Jeremy leaves us for the rest of the season (or at least until the finale), I commend the writers for making such a realistic decision. There comes a point where it makes too much sense for a main character to just leave town, and that point has come for Jer Bear.

Where the heck was Caroline Forbes?!?
Matt: Probably hooking up with Matt in the alley behind The Grill. Sorry, Forwood fans. She's clearly moved on.

Steve: Maybe off with Eric Hochberger, who reportedly "forgot the Vampire Diaries was on" last night. More like boycotted it when he learned CF would not appear.

Dan: I'd rather not talk about it. I don't wanna shed any tears on my keyboard.

Should Elena have handed Rebekah over to Klaus?
Matt: Yes. She was taking up space in a basement that should clearly be turned into a game room at this point. Beer pong, anyone?!?

Dan: Sure. I don't think it could really hurt her cause in any way - Klaus is an a-hole that will do with Elena what he wants - but maybe it helps put her in the good graces of the king hybrid for awhile. Maybe it gives her a bit of time to help the Salvatore bros figure out how they're going to get rid of this and all the Originals.

Steve: Daniel makes a good point. Being stubborn or defiant isn't going to accomplish much when it comes to Klaus. Might as well give him what he wants, watch it play out and figure out her next move from there, while hopefully earning some degree of trust.

The Delena kiss: Ohhhh, yeah!!! or Ohhhh, no!!! ?
Matt: As I wrote in my review, the former reaction. I actually rolled my eyes when it first appeared as if this were just another tease (I get it. My brother's girl...), and then broke into a huge smile when Damon turned around in his brooding tracks and laid one on Elena.

Dan: A big Kool-Aid Man style "OHHHH YEEAAAHHH!!!!" I don't care what everyone says, I'm still holding out hope for these two kids. When Damon stated that he was going to have something to be guilty about, I fist pumped about as high as you can. What a stud.

Steve: I don't have a strong opinion about this scene. Sorry.

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I am so very happy abt Delena. I want more. Oh and more Caroline and bad Elena :)


@Madison LOL!When I say "forced" I mean it sort of got tossed in at the end w/o really belonging there.I'm patient enough to have waited for another more appropriate moment. Although I do appreciate the significance of kissing on the porch. I think they have some of the best moments,like the bed scene where she falls asleep next to him,but the kiss seemed like the writers throwing out a randmo Delena bone to viewers just to appease them rather than actually writing it in perfectly. Like you said it was their first real kiss (although yet again it was more Damon taking initiative then her so until we know her response it's still not as enjoyable) but it wasn't epic enough considering the growing tension between them.This kiss itself wasn't the issue...the timing of it just seemed too forced. It didn't necessairly flow, I've seen other moments where they could have worked it in and had it flow better, but I'm not complaining that it happened.


1. Stefan and Damon's fight. Brotherly love packed in a fist fight. 2. Circumstantially yes. Technically it's wrong of her to take his decision away from him. Stefan or Damon could have compelled her to be a nun and hide her in Vatican to keep her save, but they didn't. But Jeremy is a drag for the show, so yeah it's probably best that he goes away for a while. 3. Plotting against Klaus for stealing her werewolf bitch. Now who is she going to order around to do her bidding? 4. Yeah, it was a fair trade off. 5. I'm leaning towards ooohh no. It's a yes for the rabid fans. But to the non rabid fans, it seems off. Elena used to love Stefan so much. And I get that she hates him now for not caring, but shouldn't the revelation that Stefan didn't betray them be more shocking to her? I feel like the writers just undermined Elena's opportunity to grow as a character.


I hate damon, elana! Wish anna was in this episode! :( miss her much.


@Blu: You had me UNTIL your last sentence. It was their first kiss and it wasn't meant to be passionate but sweet and honest


1.I'm always most fond of when the Salvatore brothers share their heart to heart moments.The show is essentially about the love/hate relationship between them. That's what always pulls me in.
2.No.Jer has already been exposed to too much.Compulsion makes him more vulnerable to evils.I hate that they waited until the time where he truly showed how he's possibly capable of handling himself as the future vampire slayer,to send him away.Plus I doubt he's actually compelled.
3.Preparing for her birthday?I like her but didn't miss her.
4.Yes.It was in her best interest to per her and Klaus' arrangement.They should've traded for Elijah.
5.Ohh yeah.I was happy enough but I wasn't truly was long overdue tho.It seemed a little too forced but I respect Damon's rationale.I think their non kiss moments smoulder more.


The kiss is what most of us have been waiting for. I could live without Klaus forever and I just hope Jeremy isn't gone too long. Love that kid for some reason...maybe 'cause he's such a cuties and sooo moody lol. Love this show and watch each episode at least three times. The kiss? About 10 maybe lol. Way to go writers.


I totally loved the always. Damon and Elena are so great together, but I don't think they shey should get together, cause lets just say that they do get together, then it wouldn't be the show no more. Right now it's so hot, cause She knows that he wants her, but she still loves Stefan and the passion between Damon and Alena makes you want to watch. It's like someone have cake on the table and they tell you....don't eat it....look at it. Then what eat the cake and it's gone....


Delena Kiss: Finally and Hellz Yea!!! Can't wait for more.


About that third question - my answer is a clear NO. Sure, she got back Jeremy's freedom, but telling Klaus about Rebekah's discovery? That was not only pointless, but also incredibly selfish. Rebekah would have been more intent on killing Klaus than Elena(probably), and honestly, it just looked like Elena wanted to take Klaus down a notch. Well - she just lost herself a potential ally there, maybe even two - because it's only a matter of time before Elijah wakes up, and though he owes her big time after the sacrifice fiasco he might not be so eager to help the girl who handed his sister over to Klaus. Besides, about Elena getting into Klaus' good graces or even earn his trust - that wouldn't work - ever - and she knows it.

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