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1. Stefan and Elena over the bridge. What's happening to Stefan mi amor?
2. FTW!! Hmmmm... very interesting! Seriously, I feel like I'm willing to ship Caroline with anyone but this time, with Klaus, seems very very interesting. I think given the right storyline and if the writers will really take care about not having anything between them feel forced, they have EPIC-ness potential.
3. NO WAY. I say let the psycho stay in Rosewood!
4. Second. It was more...deep. Then again, I love any scene with Caroline so... tie?
5. 21 :)


Maybe in a twisted way, Klaus sees Caroline as a substitute for her recently re-stabbed sister.

These "Barbievamps" DO look a bit alike, don't you think?


Wow! Some of you TVD fans make me sick! Such a lack of compassion toward Tyler and some of you are like awwww for Klaus the serial killer, made man, who kills his family and carries them around in coffins! He ordered Tyler to bite Caroline and Tyler was all excited that he said no to Klaus thinking that his order wouldn't be carried out! He wants to make Caroline number 1 and isn't that what every women wants to hear! He confesses his love for her and then by accident bites her. Are you all even thinking how terrible Tyler must feel! Caroline is his first Love! But because of one freaking scene you feel for Klaus! Klaus doesn't deserve Caroline and she would never be with a guy like Klaus. So get your heads on straight and stop shipping ships that can ruin the show. Show some reason and compassion.


Let's hope that Alaric who is a history teacher knows about Thomas Brown's famous poem and I suspect the writers are aware of this too:
I do not love thee, Doctor Fell.
The reason why I cannot tell;
But this I know, and know full well,
I do not love thee Doctor Fell.

I'm assuming that that Matt, et alia knew his.


I loved crazy Stefan but most of all I liked the scene between Klaus and Caroline. He clearly misses his sister and what an awesome substitute to get indeed! The two cooles vamps on TV would make an awesome blond couple -the scene SO came out of nowhere, but I'm so on team Klaus -as Dan pointed out: Caroline is way too good for Tyler!
On another note: it was nice to see Jeremy go, they did it in a respectful way (him saying his goodbyes during the episoe and all) but with Junior Gilbert out of the picture, there's more room for Bonnie to be awesome again and for Matt to be more integrated in the main storyline and not just randomly beeing in the background. So all in all a very entertaining episode with a lot of progres (unlike last week... SNOOZEFEST much!? XP)


Ok so does anyone care when Damon said his response to Elena's "you can kiss me anymore it's not right" he said it's right but not now!!!!! What the f...... man.......what up with that line in the show


there was no chance in hell stefan was EVER going to drive her of that bridge. end of. he still loves her, the look in his eyes, he felt awful about what he did, but it was decersary. listen to klaus 'that kind of love never dies'. its to deep, he managed to resist an origionals compoltion to stop ripping her throat out in the reckoning, untill klaus flipped the switch. thats meant to be imposible. i'll admit he's taking things to the extreme, but its because he hates klaus for taking his old life away from him. his old life with elena.


Who else thinks that the coffin that cannot be opened is the Original Witch?? Thats why it cannot be opened and the other witches in the house are protecting it?? Just a hutch though.


1.All of it. The episode was chalked full of great moments.
2.WTF Yes. It literally came out of nowhere but I kinda like it.Is it romantic or the fact that she reminds him of his sister...I don't know. but I love it.
3.Hell no.
4.Elena and Matt. It came full circle with them and was reflective of the series so far and all of it's changes. It was a nice moment and great reminder of how far they've all come with, strangely enough matt being the only constant with his pearls of wisdom..first time they've used him well in quite a while.
5.30. You're fully developed and all that by then. Plus I have the blessing/curse of looking ten years younger so at 30 I'll look like a 20 yr old...which is so much better than being in my twenties looking like a teen.


Lets not forget the famous trevor decapitation he also did as well .... this is something the show has failed to do with klaus in this viewers eyes.He hasnt had those standout moments of sheer power,taking on multiple foes at once where he commands the screen and you know hes not to be fucked with.Hail death,Hail Elijah ... The shows best vampire ... ... ... PERIOD

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