The Vampire Diaries Review: Here Lies a Great Episode...

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That was a damn good episode of The Vampire Diaries.

You want emotion? How about two fake funerals, as Caroline and Elena both took significant steps toward a new path in life?!? You want action? How about a high-speed chase across a bride to somewhere really dangerous, via a game of revenge-based chicken? You want shocking moments?

How about a decapitation? A murder? A declaration of love from Tyler that was immediately followed by a nearly deadly bite into Caroline's gorgeous neck?!? Oh yes. "Our Town" had it all, including tequila and cake, the touchstone of any birthday party.

Caroline Turns 18!

Let's start with Ms. Caroline Forbes. Seriously, is there anything more depressing than watching this typically cheery cheerleader (and third grade hop scotch champion!) in a bad mood? It's just not the way she's meant to be.

And who would have thought it would take Klaus, of all people, to put a smile back on her face? To force her to admit that life is very much worth living, especially with all the "genuine beauty" a vampire has access to over the centuries? But he can't really be making a move on Caroline... can he?!? We all know Klaus has a heart, this is not some one-note villain twirling his figurative mustache and cackling into the night. Still, the especially tender side we witnessed here came somewhat out of nowhere. I say the guy has an agenda.

Don't be blinded by the diamonds, C. Or by the fact that the love of your life apparently can't really control his actions. Be strong.

From a downtrodden 18-year old to a daring 154-year old... damn, Stefan. I would NOT want to see you across from me at a poker table. We could debate forever whether or not he actually would have driven Elena over that bridge, but I don't think Stefan even knows. He's fueled by rage, and vengeance and, yes, a broken heart. He's living moment to moment, not considering any actions except those that will put the hurt to Klaus.

Stefan may act all tough. He may claim protecting Klaus' siblings is his number-one goal and that saving Elena is Damon's problem now... but I don't buy it. It's a similar form of denial that many of us have gone through when we think we've lost our soulmate, only we put on Wilson Phillips CDs (right, guys?), get drunk and try to hit on every girl that walks by. Stefan turns off (dims down?) his humanity, locks his heart up and focuses solely on blood lust. Tomato. Tomat-uh-oh.

You know it's bad when even Damon is scared. I loved the scene when he pleaded with Klaus to do whatever Stefan says. It was another sign of how much Elena means to him, sure, but it was also emblematic of how frightened Damon is by an unpredictable Stefan.

And, Elena, we can all understand where she's coming from, right? Being with Stefan felt safe and secure. Being with Damon feels rebellious and, simply, wrong. It can be tough to accept you're no longer the innocent child who sees the world in black and white. Be excited, Delena fans. That faux funeral was Elena's way of realizing that life can be complicated and so can the man she smooched last week.

Elsewhere, what do we make of Dr. Fell? And the homicide that concluded the episode? I'm not sure why the sheriff would call on Damon for a regular murder (aside from the fact that, let's face it, who would NOT want to spend as much time as possible with that guy?), but it must have something to do with the fact that Brian the Medical Examiner covered for all those vampire kills by writing "animal attack" on various death certificates.

Is it random that we've never met these people before, considering Meredith is on the Counsel and Brian apparently played a huge role in town over the years? Yes. But... whatever. It's a new mystery, and an intriguing one at that. What would The Vampire Diaries be without unexpected cliffhangers that zig when you expect the show to zag?

Quick Bites:

  • Hey, we found a second use for Bonnie! She can cast spells to save the day, and she can light birthday candles.
  • Ladies, how many of you want to drink the Klaus Kool Aid?
  • Somewhere, Ric Flair is expecting royalties for Stefan stealing/paraphrasing his catchphrase. To beat the villain, you've got to be the better villain.
  • Last week, the kiss. This week, Tyler drops the L bomb. Are you trying to make the Internet explode, Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson?!?
  • It is right. It just isn't right now. Very well, played, Damon.
  • Okay, I give: what's in the locked coffin?!?
  • Let's take a look at next week's episode promo, shall we?


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I am having a total epiphany to what you just said about the Vampire curse being reversed for someone. I would love for it to be Damon, but that is too easy. That makes Damon a better choice for Elena simply because of his humanity. That on top of the fact that Stefan is out of the picture, makes them too obvious of a couple. It would have everything to do with convenience and not the fact that she has chosen Damon. Maybe after a long drawn out romance between Damon and Elena, the curse will be reversed for STEFAN. He would be a regular man. This would throw Elena for such a loop and would make for some awesome love triangle tension. It would seem like she would naturally choose Stefan, but what if she loves Damon so much that she instead turns for him. It would be one gut wrenching, tear-jerking finale!! And then we would know that she chose Damon for Damon...


Klaus Klaus Klaus. How is it that suddenly we are all about Klaus? Well, I read an interview with Julie Plec stating that she loves him as a character and loves what he brings to the show. The only way to keep him is to humanize him enough to make him a witty menace, but not the ultimate villain. I feel like a new villain has to come in soon because for far too long it has been Klaus. We need something else to shutter about, wait for, and be knocked off our seats by. Something scarier than old school Klaus. I honestly like Klaus now. I would like to see something happen between him and Caroline. In this case, I am not sure if I want them to end up together or just have a fling of some sort. Didn't she get preggers in the books with a hybrid baby? hmmm. theres a thought.


Damn that was one fine episode. I loved the growth in all the characters and the fact that they all were letting things go in it. ELena and Caroline letting go of thier past and former selves. Stefan letting go of Elena and his self depracating.Damon letting go of Elena in a way..he's giving her space and allowing things to take time.Bonnie letting go of Jeremy, whose letting go of MF. Ugh. Just so beautiful. I love Ripper stefan, he was extreme but effective, he was like his brother, and that shocked even his brother (and made him proud in the end).Loved Damon.Actually this may be the first episode where I didn't find one character unlikeable.


Ok, here is my thoughts on the locked coffin. From reading the books and just trying to piece things together, I think that the coffin contains the original witch, Klaus' mother. It's locked by a spell, right? She is the one who cast the spell making them vampires, right? So, by logic can't she uncast the spell? I think she will be brought back to life and will reverse the "curse" and someone, will be human again. In the books, it happened to Damon. Wouldn't that be awesome!!


I definitely think that the person in the coffin is Klauses mother. She was, after all a member of his family and he would want her to stay in her coffin because she could ruin him. She made him into what he is and she could destroy him. She was not a vampire, but who knows, maybe something could be done to bring her back. Another thing that has yet to surface is the original doppleganger. Katherine was the first one and Elena was the second. So, obviously there will be yet another Nina running around at some point and I am sure that she is either related to Klaus or was a part of the original curse that turned them. How else would her dopplegangers have anything to do with his hybrid curse? Oh wow, I stayed away from the Delena/Stelena topic this time. It kind of makes me feel free inside.


I'm all over the Klaus Kool Aid. He's a charm about him. I would NOT call him charismatic. But charming? Yes.


I have a feeling its katherine stuck in the coffin..because they said the person in that coffin could be the one to get klaus right?


None of us know what will happen in this show. Stelena could very well have a comeback, but to me, it just feels like she is falling deeper for Damon. In Pearl Harbor, a similar thing happened. She fell for Ben Affleck and then he "died" so she fell for his best friend. She always loved Affleck more, although she loved Josh Hartnett as well. In that case, I felt that the writers wanted us to feel that she would never love anyone like she loved Ben Affleck. In this, I feel differently. I feel like they started the show with one love and they are building a deeper love in the most unlikely place. I don't know how they are gonna spin it and I am certainly not the expert, but from watching many a teen drama in my life, it seems like they are hinting towards Delena for good. It would almost be inconsistent for them to not go in that direction. If they flip it, okay.. but right now, it seems like all of the Delena moments would be pointless writing if they were not "endgame"


@leila i couldn't agree more about that elena and Damon shouldn't get together under these circumstances and i was just saying that last night! damon would never know if elena chose him because Stefan wasn't Stefan anymore or because she actually loved him more. Idk i just think damon could do better. Stefan and elena are Mopey and whiney and deserve each other. now that tyler and caroline are on the rocks they should try each other out again.


@Lauren:I'm not just talking about you and i don't want to fight either and i'm sorry if i said something that hurts you,its just this bias against stelena every time,this is a love triangle,both couples will have their time and they will be explored,season 1 and 2 was all about stelena,now its time for delena,i get it,but just coz delena is happening right now doesn't mean that stelena is over.Anyone can believe or say stelena is over after what stefan told elena,but we can't tell for sure.I believe even if she's going to be with damon,stefan will always have a place in her heart,feelings like that doesn't just go away over night.

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