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I have this weird feeling that the coffin that is locked is the original doppelgänger or a mysterious sibling we don't know about.
I was sad about Jeremy, when he cut off that hybrid's head I thought he'd become a hybrid slayer or something. Going out for revenge on the hybrids, would have been interesting to watch. What Jeremy said to Tyler I believe got to him, he's lost Caroline and his friends because of Klaus. I read a spoiler somewhere that said Tyler will question Klaus when Klaus has a plan that could potentially hurt Caroline. The Delena kiss could have definitely come at a better time... Damon had just said that Stefan saved his life and then he kissed Elena. Just didn't feel right. It was sweet and it obviously meant something but I just think it could have come at a better time. I think next episode it would be good if we see more Tyler again, he's a very important character.


Best part was the DE lipscapades. I loathe shipping but I secretly view them as tv's most incredible couple. *runs and hides*


this was such a good way to start the 2012 TVD, i am happy for Delena, i am soryr for those who dint like it, "for those who doit it, all i have to say is build a bridge and get over it"


I am now squarely Delena. I'm sorry, its a tv show and I never felt Stelena like I feel Delena. Its called dynamic romantic chemistry. They had it WAY before Nina and Ian got together too. BTW to the few whining Stelena shippers talkin' bout "its only cuz they're together in real life"....Ever read the books? Lol. How about A book? ;)


Vampire lover the reason why I expected more from the DE kiss is that they've been building on this for way to long and teasing the poor DE fans for 2 1/2 seasons and I was like that's it. I'm sorry Damon may of showed passion but Elena was huh as usual. Also another reason why it wasn't so epic is that he tells her Stefan was saving his life and so Damon returns the favor by kissing Elena? Lol As for why Forwood kiss was more epic! Tyler kisses Caroline because of how much she cared for him and that she was willing to risk her life for him. Plus it came out of no where. Unlike the DE kiss was expected.


NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Delena sucks,Damon is such a jerk.Elena should be with Stefan. Bravo Vampire Diaries for the awful 3d season.You completely RUINED stefan and now he is a bad guy and you make damon good, Well done.I'm SO dissapointed.


@B...Stefan is acting that way because if you recall klaus made him turn of his humanity. Plus Stefan is pissed at Klaus so he wants revenge. He's is treating Elena so poorly because deep down he still cares for her and knows the beat way to protect her is to push her away an act like he doesn't care. Also, I don't know if you read the books, but Elena is constantly torn between the two Salvatore brothers and frequently kisses both and even shares blood with both. The writers of the show are just giving us a little more from tr books' plot. Don't worry...IMO the kiss won't lead anywhere. It will most likely be a one time thing for awhile.


Why is this show being compared BTVS, it wasn't created as a replacement, it was created when fangirls were high on hot, forbidden love, vampire shit. There's almost no comparison, except the vampires. Are all vampire shows just compared to BTVS?


Guysn there are always gonna be lovers and always be haters. My advice, if you disagree with Bored Now, just ignore him. People like him/her feed on all this attention you give them.As for me, loved me some Bonnie, delena kiss but was really sad that Jeremy had to leave. Torrey was a little disappointing as Meredith, but all in all great start. About the delena kiss, I don't know why people would expect their kiss to be as heated as forwood's since elena still has some feelings for stefan. I'm just hoping for a lot more DE kisses.



You just said everything I was thinking! Thank you for putting it into the right words.. I just hope the writers don't screw up any further

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