The Vampire Diaries Promos: A Focus on Family

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What the heck is in the locked coffin?!? This is likely the most pressing question on the minds of Vampire Diaries fans around the world.

Will we get an answer on next Thursday's "The Ties That Bind?" It's unlikely. But Bonnie will take a step closer to the reveal by tracking down her mother, as previewed in this photo gallery. Look for Elena and Bonnie to head out to Abby Bennett's farmhouse on the installment, coming across a dude named Jamie there who was taken in many years ago.

Elsewhere, Tyler will do all he can to regain his free will, while Damon wonders about this Dr. Fell person. Get psyched for the episode via two new trailers, the first from The CW and the second courtesy of Canada's CTV.

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The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Damon: What's her damage?
Alarc: No damage.
Damon: Come on, Ric. It's a fact of life. A girl that smart, that hot? Damaged.

Bonnie: What's going on with you two?
Damon: We kissed. Now it's weird.