The Vampire Diaries Clip: Get Ready and Get Happy!

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It looks like we asked the wrong question after viewing the latest Vampire Diaries promo for "Bringing Out the Dead."

Can there be a truce? That clearly won't be the issue of next Thursday's new episode... because Damon has no intention on actually agreeing to one.

The CW has released a new clip from the February 2 installment. In it, Damon explains to Stefan exactly why he un-daggered Elijah and then goes on to outline his plan for a "fake truce," along with the way in which he hopes to open the mysterious coffin. Watch now and try to decide:

Can Elijah really be trusted? Is there any chance this scheme works?

NOTE: I'll be speaking to Daniel Gillies later today. Return to TV Fanatic in a few hours for scoop from Elijah himself!

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As much as I adore Stefan, I'm numb to "stelena". He needs someone with spunk and I honestly think Caroline is a better fit, those two should be together oneday, they've always had great chemistry. I love the character of Stefan most, obviously. I agree that "delena" are perfect together and Id be sad if they weren't together in the end. Course, In a perfect world Caroline and Stefan would too...;)


I do think Delena/Stefan (atleast one) will become another type of being. I do hope the bro's continue their dance, and Delena is endgame. They belong together


This triangle is all types of complicated! So the clip does make it clear that the brothers will work through their differences. However for you to say the kiss would have never happend if you didn't go off with Klaus basically.....well I would have said would you rather be dead again. Can't wait till next week but I don't know how Damon and Stefan are going to pull this off against the orignals. Unless the orginals gang up on their half brother Klaus. Elijah is the only badass of the oringals so far...Klaus gives orders and makes a thousand threats. Plus when will he do his own dirty work again...?


It's Stelena for me. I know there are tons of Damon fans out there, but I don't see him being with Elena. And come on....she can't really be with either one in the long run, if she stays human.
I saw season 3 we stop with all the Delena or Stelena crap and just have her be on her own!
OR better yet...throw Elijah in the mix!!


I'm so happy Elijah is back!!! He is my favorite for the brothers etc I luv it all. I do want E to live happily ever after with the D man though. I think Stefan is best with Caroline/Katherine/Rebekah types. Id love to see the S man wind up w/ Caroline!!!


team stefan all the way!!!! i want stefan and elena to go back together will they ever go back together.i dont know elena kissed damon and she told stefan about it and stefan looked really sad and hurt. TEAM STEFAN AND ELENA ALL THE WAY!!!


I also love BOTH brothers and their complicated love. I keep all my fingers and toes crossed thar Elena winds up with Damon. I'm a bigger fan of Stephen, and I believe he doesn't blenf as well with Elena as his brother does. Stephen doesn't NEED Elena, Damon does. I believe Stephan chose Damon at the risk of losing Elena forever. His undying love will never be with Elena. Damon will always love his brother but if the tables were turned, he would always choose Elena.


I'm with Katherine as said to Elena: "love them both, I did"!!! And I think she still does and that's why she's always popping in and out and in bed with Stephen I bet. Could the other coffin be the mother????




Damon is my favourite character but I cannot understand why anyone would hate Stefan. I mean he loves Elena and he loves his brother and he would do anything for them. But I also don't understand how anyone could hate Damon because of his feelings for Elena. After his hurtful experience with Katherine he found in Elena a person who truly cared for him and so he gradually fell in love with her. And Elena was left by Stefan. He did it to save his brother but he did abandon Elena in a way. And Damon stayed and was there for her when she needed him the most. So naturally she developed feelings for him. In my opinion there was a unique connection between Damon and Elena even from the beginning and this bond became stronger when Stefan left. So to hate anyone of those three characters is not comprehensible to me. Yet at the end I hope that Elena chooses Damon. But we have to wait and see.

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