The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 94

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Another Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone.

As always, we're grateful to all who submitted an entry. You make it difficult to choose a winner each week - but the prize goes to user "Statherine" in this case, as he/she sent in the caption posted below this shot of an angry Jeremy setting his sights on Tyler.

Thank you again for playing and don't fret if you lost. Come back and participate next time!

Jeremy vs. Tyler

Jeremy: Call me boring... one... more... time...

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Tyler: Klaus is my master.
Jeremy: Give me back my bracelet!


Steven McQueen: Dude, I saw you, stop making excuses.
Micheal Trevino: Steve, I didnt go to for me, my girlfiend forced me too.
Steven: Doesnt matter, you betrayed tvd by watching breaking dawn.


Jeremy: You broke up with Caroline? What the hell is your problem, man? Fix it, make up, now, or I'm putting an arrow in your ass!


Tyler: Hey man, so listen, I'm really sorry about the whole nearly getting you killed thing...
Jeremy: Nah, it's cool man, I'm sorry too...
Tyler: 'Bout what?
Jeremy: Shooting you in the face with my crossbow arrow...
Tyler: Wait, what?
Jeremy: (Pulls trigger)
Tyler: Oh, hell no...


hybrid my a**...


Jeremy: Run, Tyler, run!

L stefan

jeremy: i feel like a a more macho robin hood..
tyler: i dont remember him fighting sired hybrids, or did i just miss that part?


Tyler: Dude, I'm sorry for sleeping with Elena.
J: What?!
T: You didn't know? Then what's all this about?!
J: I want my man bracelet back!


Gossip Girl: Spotted, Jeremy, a gun and Tyler, we heard it's open season for wolf-hunting but I wish this doesn't turn out to be a man-hunting. XOXO.


Jeremy: I've finally got you! Finally, after all those lost games of tag! You're not getting away this time, mutt.

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