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I think it's Jeremy. Yeah, there is a chance it might be Matt, but there's nothing in the episode description thing mentioning him, and if he was leaving, they would definetely include him in the promo at least, or the promo pics.
If what I hear about Jeremy in spoiler articles is true, then maybe it is time for him to leave for a while. I mean, he's a 16-17 year old guy who's been through so, so much. I think he needs to leave town for a while and clear his head.


Its definitely either Matt or Jeremy. It can't be Alaric because he has a new love interest so he has to stick around to meet her (duh) and it can't be Jeremy if this is his season of revenge. It could be Tyler but he left before and I feel like that would be too obvious. Matt makes sense because he hasn't had much reason to stick around.


Its either going to be Matt or Jeremy, it cant be alaric because he is already getting close to this 'Mary Fell' woman in the first episode back, and it cant be Tyler because he's in the party episode next week.
Jeremys storyline has kinda come to an end with the ghosts, so it would be easier just to let him go (for a while) now.

Aparrently its Damon who 'makes' this person leave, or its damons fault that they leave. ?



It's blaits not Damon cos Plec said their departure was caused indirectly by Damon. Thinking Matt cos he's useless, Tyler cos he tweeted 'MISSING ATLANTA' or Jeremy


It's Jeremy guys.. its obvious. Plus I remember Steven McQueen tweeting about "good colleges in ATL" months ago so maybe he's leaving temporarily and then I'm sure they'll bring him back. Now that Bonnie's about to have a new love interest who she will meet through her mother. It just all makes sense. And NO hell NO it won't be DE or S . They're like the main characters of the show. When Stefan was supposed to "leave" with Klaus, he was still around.. If he leaves with the coffins, he would still have scenes. Now that its 12 midnight PST Monday.. 3 more days guys!!


Oh! Yes, Jeremy makes sense. I mean I can't even remember last time he's on screen. He's pretty much underused now with all the ghost stories wrapped, and he didn't have relationships with all the main characters except Elena and Bonnie. He will be missed though.


Tyler is in the birthday episode. According to spoilers he actually says no to klaus's command in that episode and is surprised how easy klaus let's him not do it. Things are leaning towards Jeremy leaving.


Tyler duh!


Pretty certain that it is Jeremy leaving and that it is Damon/Elena who make him leave (for his own good). That seems to be what all the spoilers from various sources point to.


so, its between jeremy and alaric
heres my reasoning:
so it wont be damon or elena because its obvious and there are pics of them from episode 11 at the mystic grill, there are also pics of klaus, tyler, stefan, matt, bonnie and caroline. also caroline wont even be in this episode so obviously she is not the one leaving

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