The Vampire Diaries 2012 Premiere Teaser: Who Leaves Mystic Falls?

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Thanks to the good folks at The CW, I was fortunate enough to ring in 2012 by watching a screener of this Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries.

So, what will be the deal with "The New Deal?" You'll need to wait until 8 p.m. on January 5 to find out, but I'll be teasing one spoiler over each of the next five days until then. Whet your appetite for the blood-sucking goodness to come below...

Klaus vs. Damon

Teaser #1: Someone leaves Mystic Falls.

Forever? I doubt it, but the set up makes perfect sense and doesn't really leave a door open for this individual to return. Yes, it's a key character and, yes, tears are shed during his/her goodbye.

Let the guessing games begin!

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Jeremy. He's not in any of the episode descriptions for the next few episodes.


Hi , i am almost crying righjt now with what i am about to say if you put the peaces 2geteher it is damon...cause on clevertv they say ther an epic kiss and that kiss is proberly between damon and elena saying goodbye.and in a redcarpet interview ian said he's getting a vacation then he'll visit his family. I am so sad because he is the reason and properly ythe only reason i watch the show.i really hope it isnt true.i am neva gonna watch a cw series again if this is true..LOVE U DAMON


I think it's Bonnie. In spoilers I read that she's gunna do a spell that tracks Stefan, or something in that category that leads to someone else. Her mother. I think it's Bonnie going to meet up with her mother.


Can't be Matt, he's in the promo pics for "Our Town".


It will probably be Tyler, he is 'attached' (I've forgotten the term...) to Klaus, and Klaus is going to go looking for the coffins, therefore, tyler will leave to go with him.
I also swear I read that Tyler will try to break free of his bond to Klaus, which may be because he wants to go back to Mystic Falls.
I don't think it will be Damon, Elena or Stefan, and no-one would cry over Klaus leaving, even though he does, so Tyler is the obvious answer. I don't think Jeremy is important enough to cause the drama that the writers want, if he left.


If it's Jeremy, I stop watching the show. :'(


Keep in mind, the spoiler says the character leaves town, not necessarily the show. So just because they're gone from town doesn't we still won't see them a lot. It could very well be Stefan who leaves and we just end up following him wherever he heads to. We've seen the show sort of expand the world beyond just Mystic Falls a lot this season (episodes taking place in Chicago and Tennessee, the mini-road trip with Damon, Katherine, and Jeremy), so it's not a foregone conclusion that whoever leaves is also gone from the show for however long. All that said, I still think Jeremy is the most likely choice given all the other spoilers about the episode out there. But then that opens the questions like where does he go? Why is the door on his return not left open?


Maybe Katherine?? But I hope not :(
I rly hope it's Jeremy.


Elena has no family if Steven leaves! IT will make me SUPER mad if this happens. Worst thing writers can do.


I HOPE IT IS NOT JEREMY!!!! GRR! He is absolutely amazing. I just watched the ep. where they put a spell so Elena couldn't leave the house & Steven was AMAZING and ADORABLE in it!

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