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Tried again to watch...Abbey & family - too much. I won't be stopping in for any more episodes. Terrible writing, terrible casting, terrible idea.


I started to watch but was repulsed by Abby's character - she's nothing like the original who was much stronger. The writer's have made her out to be nothing more than a Mitch supporter. I don't buy Ray not wanting to marry Tammy - again, nothing like the original character. Mitch's daughter looks far beyond 10 but she's cute. I'll try to finish watching it but I doubt I'll go beyond the pilot with that actress as Abbey - awful casting. Count me out.


It was decent, and I'd watch again. The writing is sharp and has a tone similar to Grisham's.


1) I think I may have gone ahead and reshot the novel w/this cast as a mini-series, OR done flashbacks to key events in the novel to establish character as the pilot is rolled out - maybe the 1 hr pilot plus 1 hr of flashbacks to the events of the book/previous movie?

2) Casting:
Josh Lucas is fantastic. Juliette Lewis is OK as Tammy.

Not sure I like the actor playing Ray. There are plenty of other scruffy looking leads who could have brought more charisma.

Hate the casting of Mitch's wife - where they get it wrong is Abbey McDeere is SMARTER than Mitch and has a stronger moral center. In other words, she's the better person, not just along for the ride. A lot of other people I'd have cast besides this actress.

Also, he should be using a different last name, at least.


As much as I hate it replacing as good a cop show as Prime Suspect was, will watch this in 1 hour segment and see if they do more action and less family. Far to much family last night and end did not make me want to see more. Kept thinking cross between Perry Mason and Harrys Law (the old show before they screwed it up).


We started to watch the pilot last night, but noticed whomever filmed it must have used the wrong speed film, at least at the beginning. The overall picture was way too bright and bothered our eyes...We checked other stations, to make sure it wasn't our TV, and they were fine. We probably would have watched the 2 hour pilot, but only could take about 5 minutes....It just appeared to be so poorly put together at the beginning, that we just gave up on it.


You can't go back or in the case of The Firm forward.

Cast was awful with exceptions being Mitch and his daughter.
Writing Like the flashbacks a Hot Mess.. (See Revenge for proper FB) Also how to establish a Lead, both were poorly done HERE.
Director I tried to find the Tech specs NA. This felt like a bad D movie trying to be a B.

NBC fails again !
This should have been a Mini Series at best.


Great start. I agree with the review. I'm glad the supporting cast is interesting and I hope there's not too much time jumping.

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