The Big Bang Theory Review: Penny and Leonard 2.0

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"The Recombination Hypothesis" was the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory, so I was initially surprised that the focus was on Leonard and Penny's relationship. But actually it makes a lot of sense. When the show first premiered, it was a comedy about a nerd who had a thing for his hot neighbor. I'm not sure there was a better way to honor its history than to go back to that relationship.

A Romantic Evening

Where you surprised by the "day dream?" Unfortunately, I saw on Twitter that there was a "fantasy" aspect to the episode just as I was starting to watch it. I'll never know if I would have been fooled or not. But I think I would have been... even with that long, transitional glance across the hall between Leonard and Penny.

The telling of the story through Leonard's eyes worked for me. Do Leonard and Penny have a shipper name? I'm not sure, but I'm on that team. Whatever it's called. I know plenty of you out there hated when they were dating, but I enjoyed it. And now that Howard and Sheldon have paired up, I want Peonard! Or Lenny!

Getting the two of them back together on a comedy is a tricky thing. Instead of actually going through that horrid date and secret sex, Leonard "foresaw" what to avoid this time. I'm guessing he won't be questioning Penny's use of "always" anytime soon! I hope that when the sitcom returns, they are just back together and sharing the humor of their relationship.

While there were both serious and funny moments between Penny and Leonard in the day dream, the best lines were with the boys. Sheldon was absolutely clueless about why Raj and Howard were laughing at him.

The "wood" jokes were over the top, but they worked for the centennial episode. And once we learned that this was all in Leonard's head, it was even better. The game conversation was at the most basic level what makes Sheldon funny. He is very smart, but so clueless! They were jokes that 12-year old boys laugh at, but count these nerds in that group, too (not sure what that says about me, though).

While Bernadette and Amy were around, this anniversary episode brought us back to the origins of the comedy and what made us fall in love with these nerds and their gorgeous neighbor.

Are you glad that Penny and Leonard seem to be getting back together? Or do you hope that after their real dinner date they decide it's not going to work? And, did you laugh at the "wood" jokes. I did. It's okay. You can admit that you laughed too!

Relive the episode's jokes (wood references included) in our section of The Big Bang Theory quotes.


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I went on a visit with college to CERN in Switzerland and I was plesently surprised when we went on a night out with the physics staff that they had hot gf's


Penny SLEPT with raj in leonards bed just three episodes ago and now leonard wants penny back? I'm sorry for all you loser who have no life and love this show but it gas obviously jumped the shark! Beat it nerds!


Thanks for the comment Ira I second!!


"They can buy the building, particularly the help of Raj and Sheldon's families, . . ." Should be, "They can buy the building, particularly with the help of Raj and Leonard's families, . . . "


I like the show but Leonard continues to bug me. I know it's 'just TV' and all, but in what universe would this huge-headed, 5-foot-2 gnome with Vincent Van Gopher eye sleep with Penny, a cute surgeon and a beautiful Indian woman in the space of 3-4 years? You can tell shows produced by old guys a mile away. In this fantasy-land, ANY man can get ANY woman. I say this as an old guy myself, by the way. And don't get me started on why Bernie tolerates the pathetic and annoying Howard Wolowitz. But hey ... it's just TV, right? I should take my own words to heart ...

Sue ann

I am an old lady, but I thought the wood jokes were excellent. The thing I liked the best about them was the facial expressions on Raj and Howard -- the actors were wizard at displaying emotions and thoughts whilst saying nothing. I didn't see the "Dallas" moment coming there, but I did appreciate the comment from Leonard that he had thought it over but was going for it anyway, and the very long look Penny gave him after that, with the little smile. This show is best when they are together.


i didnt know that it was a day dream - thank good, but when i realised i thought: NO dont do that to me again - like on how i met your mother
i wanted to scream, cause i thought leonard wont ask penny now... BUT he did yeah ;)
i want lenny back!!!

Snow not so white

Awww I loved this episode. I'm so up for Lenny... or Peonard =) Whatever you want to call them. But I'd like them to take it slow this time.
This episode was indeed brilliant...
But what about Raj? Will they do something with his character? I barley noticed him this time =(
Oh, and yes, I laughed at the "wood" jokes =)


Enjoyed the episode, thought it was cute that in the opening scene that both Penny and Leonard were wearing the EXACT same clothes as when they met. The scene that made this episode one of my favorites though is during Leonard and Penny's date that Leonard's admitted that he's "King of the Nerds". The boy's come a long way since he first met Penny, when all he wanted to be was what she wanted. He's getting more comfortable in his own skin. The audience's reaction to that line was PERFECT. Really looking forward to the rest of the season.


Part 3 of 3:
6. The building that Penny, Leonard and Sheldon live in is not all that big, and of the 7 major characters, 6 of them are making relatively good money in a bad economy. They can buy the building, particularly the help of Raj and Sheldon's families, and Sheldon can keep his spot. The building would be a fun place for them to raise their kids (i.e., whatever progeny Penny-Leonard and Amy-Sheldon have) at least through their toddler years. If Bernadette-Howard are still together, they probably would live with Howard's mom, and would continue to constantly visit the building for relief. Raj, who is superbly charming even with only one drink, would be living in a huge apartment on the top floor, and would bring his dates by each morning to have someone repeat his goodbye, see you later patter.

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