Revenge Review: Blood On Her Hands

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"Commitment" is a decision to remain faithful to a course of action. As Emily Thorne says in the beginning of this week's episode:

 It isn't really our choices that distinguish who we are. It's our commitment to them. | permalink

The latest Revenge demonstrated who was devoted to whom and which characters were willing to walk away, while also providing our heroine with yet another motive for taking down Victoria...

Throwing Charlotte to the wolves. Suddenly Daddy's little girl was simply a reminder of an inconvenient truth. Or perhaps a convenient one depending how you viewed it. Conrad was more than willing to use Charlotte as a pawn to make Victoria submit to his demands.

Do I believe Conrad loves Charlotte? Yes, and I believe he's hurting but his ego is bigger than his heart. He's quite willing to play the role of cuckolded husband if it means being able to paint Victoria as the villain. Still, this was the first instance where we've seen a chink or two in the steely, egotistical armor of Conrad Grayson. His actions were vindictive, but his eyes were watering at various times.

And poor Charlotte. The kid was completely blindsided by Daddy's rejection. Wait until she finds out why.

Reeling in Amanda. Emily set Amanda up as her pawn to become the prime suspect in the Treadwell fire. But once Jack was caught in this dangerous game between her and Victoria, Emily used the truth to finally send Amanda on her way. 

Amanda's a huge liability. She's loyal to Emily but also unpredictable and borderline psychotic. Remember, she did bash Frank's skull in when he asked the wrong questions. Emily deftly pulled Amanda in closer by sharing her plot for revenge and then finally convinced her it was time to leave. Amanda has feelings for Jack but when it all goes bad, this girl will save herself. Hopefully, this time she'll stay gone for good.

Will You Marry Him?

A perfectly romantic proposal. Damn. Emily Thorne practically had me fooled. As Daniel stood in the rain with a ring in his hand and his heart on his sleeve, Emily was shaking as she looked adoringly into his eyes. But maybe she was just cold. Does she actually love Daniel? Is he nothing more than a means to her end? It's the question many fans go back and forth on each wee.

But Emily was willing to call off their engagement after a stern talking to from Nolan, meaning there must be a beating heart in there somewhere... right?

Poor Daniel would have been crushed. He's handsome, sweet, rich and really seems to love her. Perhaps a broken heart would have been safer for Daniel than what we all know is headed his way.

The web of lies grows. Little does Victoria Grayson know how close she came to having the wolf at her door walk away. Nolan had used Emily's guilt over Jack to get his focused pal to rethink her plan for revenge. But Victora couldn't help herself. Rape?!? Her new lie just fueled Emily's hatred even more.

Daniel was rightfully furious and this twist certainly solidified his place by his mother's side, while also making him a quasi enemy of his own fiancee. Emily can't blame Daniel for his rage at her father, but it must now color how she looks at him. It's gotta be tough to lie in bed at night next to a man who wants to drag your dad out of Hell and murder him again.

All traces of mercy vanished from Emily's face in that closing scene. It. Is. On.

Side notes:

  • Who does the wardrobe for these characters? Victoria's red dress at the beginning of this episode was simply stunning.
  • The cheesy love notes between Jack and Amanda made me a little ill. Hopefully we're done watching these two paw one another.
  • You'd think Declan could invest in at least one fancy outfit instead of showing up for meals with Charlotte's family wearing t-shirts. And I'm guessing Declan's high end education has ended before it's begun.
  • Nolan plays the role of stern big brother one moment and then lost puppy at Emily's heels the next. Either way, he's so darn cute I can't get enough of him.

Now that Victoria has gone from seductress to victim, how will Conrad react? What type of Hell will Emily rain down on the house of Grayson next? And how long until Charlotte finds out she's not a Grayson? With no new episode next week, we've got plenty of time to ponder the next steps in the road to Revenge

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The television show Revenge is one of the best show's on television today. The show keeps you hanging and wanting to come back and watch the next episode to see what will happen next. I'm not sure if it will become a long running show like others have become but, it is a great show for now and I love it.


When Victoria's hired thug stole the tapes and attacked Jack, he overlooked one tape which is still under Jack's bed. Who will find it and what they do with it should be interesting.


Don't believe the body on the beach is Daniel. Suspect it may be escapee Tyler who returns to make everyone miserable.


BoredNow,I don't think that descending ever further into sociopathy is something to be hoped for!Endless feeding on more and more cycles of revenge is the easy,but annoying,course.Remember,The Count of Monte Cristo ended when he GOT OVER IT.And sailed off with a woman whose name sounds very like the name of the place Jack Porter wants to sail to,I think a very deliberate hint.


that was an amazing episode !,loved that they didn't drag the whole charlotte thing alot and they just got right into action this episode !,,,this show is awesome,every actor and actress are great ...and emily's reaction at the end when daniel told her what victoria said was just wow!,u can feel the anger and the hatred and desire for revenge growing inside her !!,,,seriously one of the best shows nowadays !


Emily: are you saying that he(David) raped her(Victoria)?
Daniel: you still want to get tied up with my crazy family? (not exact words)
Emily: More than ever.(revenge smile)
oh no you didn't! watch out Victoria, just when Emily was just about to take her paws off you for a little while, you dropped such a big lie about her father. Look out Victoria, looks like a stronger storm is coming in and I don't think your precious house will keep you safe from it. ohmaygad! I love this show!

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I hope Real-Amanda DOES get over her ruthless phase in time.
uhh, no no no no no. That would be VERY cliched. I'd rather they take a page from The Mentalist and actually slowly have get MORE darker and more ruthless as it goes, while still retaining the portrayal of her humanity.


Daniel is the only thing she has now, so she had to lie and manipulate to keep him. In my opinion, this is not the proper way to keep the only thing that is left in your life...


Victoria would have lost her son if she admitted to willingly sleep with David Clarke.. Daniel is the only thing she has now, so she had to lie and manipulate to keep him. Don't be fooled though, I'm sure Emily will come after Victoria with a lot more vengeance now.


Oh no she didn't! Rape, really Victoria? She deserves whatever Emily's got planned for her...

Revenge Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

You're going to be back to Victoria Harper. Which will only be fitting considering you'll once again be the desperate, penniless little bitch you were when I first met you.


It isn't really our choices that distinguish who we are. It's our commitment to them.