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The Project Runway All Stars scream in "Good Taste Tastes Good," but it isn't for the ice cream. It's for fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg. Heck, I thought Michael might just pass out.

Of course, Michael's thanking his lucky stars that last Thursday's win allows him to pick his flavor first. I don't know how the grapefruit gelato tastes but Michael's thrilled with the pale pink color.

Some other designers aren't quite so happy. Especially Kara. I'm not sure if she's more upset about getting picked last or if it's the chocolate and cayenne gelato getting her down. I wish I could have taken the chocolate concoction off her of her hands but, alas, she's stuck with it and we're stuck with the dress she makes.

Jerell's busy mocking the other designers but his best dig is for Kara. It takes a certain talent, or lack of it, to make a pencil thin model look pregnant in your dress. I don't want to think about how the rest of us might look in it.

The biggest twist, besides the ice cream, is that the All Stars are only given six hours to get the job done. It's the fastest challenge in Project Runway history and everyone is freaking out. 

Austin Scarlett in Action

Mila says she can make a pair of leggings in six hours but not an entire outfit. Michael's the only one not sweating it. Apparently he's used to working under the gun and although Jerell mocks his abilities, the guy pulls it off yet again.

Joanna Coles wanders in for a fairly uneventful mentoring moment. She wonders if Rami is kissing up to Diane Von Furstenberg with his wrap dress and questions why April is covering one color with another. Other than that there isn't much going on here.

There's plenty of missteps as the group rushes to get done. Michael gets his measurements wrong. April doesn't buy enough fabric and Austin has to use a glue gun and then sew his model into the dress when there's no time to add a zipper.

When we make it to the runway we get to meet the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, an Australian supermodel who will also be guest judging and will wear the winning outfit to an upcoming but unnamed event.

On to the results...

The Top 3:

  • Mondo's frock is bright orange with green sleeves. Miranda says the back is to die for and Isaac agrees but overall he doesn't find it sexy. Angela says the colors shouldn't go together but they do and goodness knows you can't miss the cantaloupe theme. 
  • Mila's milk and sour cherry inspired dress has Isaac craving cherry ice cream. Diane thinks it looks like it was done in six hours. Miranda likes the ease of wear and the color choice. It's Isaac's favorite but Georgina doesn't like the red through the white.
  • Michael's shimmery pink grapefruit number has Diane swooning. She thinks it's beautifully draped and wants Michael to call her after the show. Miranda says the model looks like a goddess. Isaac likes the flow and Georgina says Michael's dress is the most creative.

On the Bottom:

  • Kara's chocolate and cayenne pepper gelato is simply boring. Georgina doesn't feel the passion in the dress. Miranda doesn't like the ruffles. As Isaac says, the minute the word pregnant shows up you know you're in trouble and he questions if she's an All Star.
  • April's blueberry outfit doesn't win any fans. Angela thinks the corset was too ambitious but the colors are pretty. Isaac says the short back is scary. Diane thinks it's too Halloweeny.
  • Anthony 's green tea infused dress is messy but Diane likes the skirt and the concept. His ambition is there but he doesn't pull it off. Miranda thinks more simplicity in the back might have done the trick.

And it's no surprise that Michael wins for the second week in a row. He's over the moon now that he's on a first name basis with Diane and Miranda.

I really hoped Kara was going home. Her dresses are boring and, like Isaac, I question her All Star status, but the judges didn't agree with me. At least not this week. April's the one who is out for her poorly constructed blueberry concoction.

I'm disappointed but I'm going to have a bowl of ice cream and get over it.

Good Taste Tastes Good Review

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