Pretty Little Liars Review: Is That It?

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Despite promos proclaiming that the "Blond Leading the Blind" would reveal the "biggest secret yet," I was simply left with one question when the episode ended: That's it?!?

I enjoyed the intense relationship drama between Toby and Spencer (and Aria and Ezra), and I was genuinely worried for Toby's safety. But,when it comes down to it, what did we really learn tonight?

Think about the main mysteries that keep the show exciting. The biggest mystery of all - who is A? - will supposedly be revealed by the end of the season. So, this week, we got confirmation that A was actually stalking Ali when the girls found the secret compartment in the first of the creepy dolls. Didn't we already know that after the Halloween episode, though?

Pretty Little Liars at School

The second biggest mystery involves Alison's murder. Ian's suicide note included a confession for that crime, and he seems like a good suspect. However, Jenna and Garrett made some veiled (although damning) references to Alison's death at the end of the fall season. We know that Garrett, Ian and Jason (and now apparently Jenna) were all members of a secret surveillance club called N.A.T. Allison found their videos, which would have given them some motivation to kill her. Plus, she was involved with Ian.

So what revelatory information did tonight's episode offer us?

A video from A's cellphone confirmed that Ian, Garrett and Jenna were in Alison's room the night she died, arguing about the videos Ali had. Garrett and Jenna discovered the little meeting was being videotaped by Ian as Ali (or someone else) returned to the room... and that's about it! The same suspects, the same motive and the same mysteries. Watching the show gets pretty frustrating when you're promised so much more from the episode, but solving the mystery too soon would spoil the fun.

And there were some bright spots in this evening's episode.

Toby's scary tumble off the scaffolding added a nice bit of dramatic tension because it just reinforces how serious A's threats really are. Equally intense was the exchange between Wren and Toby in the hospital. I've never thought of Toby as a tough guy (although the whole town thought he was capable of murder) because he's always seemed so sweet and vulnerable. However, his threatening response to Wren's confession that he kissed Spencer just shows how passionate he is about their relationship. Poor Spoby! Their future looked pretty bleak by the end of the episode. 

However, Ezria fans can rejoice! Although it looked like Ezra might not show, he rekindled Aria's hope for their relationship by meeting her and sharing a romantic kiss with her in the rain (a staple for romantic moments!). Things are still complicated, but at least both of them are committed to making it work.

But for how long? At the end of the episode, we saw A burning a picture of Ezra along with one of Toby. As Toby seems to be out of Rosewood for now, does that mean Ezra's next? Or does A not yet know that Aria and Ezra are back together?

Also, I'm pretty positive Hanna is campaigning for Queen of Overreactions. After all of her behavior with Lucas, you'd think she'd learn to think before she acts, but instead she immediately puts a very important piece of information in a blender at the first sign of trouble. I understand she's very concerned about Caleb's safety, but it seems like telling him the secret and letting him make an informed decision about his involvement seems more sensible than destroying evidence that might be helpful in stopping A. Just a suggestion, Hanna!

And one random stray thought: did you notice that Mona mentioned how Noel was a "natural liar?" Then, he and Jenna "double rebounded" by having dinner together. Is Noel Jenna's new helper? Or has he been involved for much longer?


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PLL is being really repetitive, someone gets hurt, Hanna, Emily, Toby etc. they end up in hospital but are perfectly fine. Toby needed to be seriously injured for me to be shocked, I knew he'd be fine. I'm ready for 'A' to be revealed now. Getting bored of guessing. Also, Ezria are the worst couple in the world. I can't stand them together. Aria needs to grow a brain and realise nothing good will come of her relationship with Ezra and thats ignoring the fact that 'A' will probably try and kill him.


the 3rd photo is spencer..


the third picture must have been garret or noel. jenna and garret and mona and noel are the only 2 other couples that broke up. noel is definitly a good canidite for A, the eye thing would definitly make sense (and really would have been some awesome subtle hinting on the writers parts because otherwise are we just supposed to be guessing who has pretty eyes on the show?). the only problem is, wtf is his motive. he was friends with ali, seemed to have a thing for her, and the other girls have done nothing to him they were barely even on his radar before. idk i'm just hoping that when A comes out they make sure the motive is good and makes sense by what they have given us to go on and isn't just used for shock value


if you pause in the time when -A throw the 3rd pic i believe you see a naked arm..


And dont discuss it so A can find out, do it inthe moment and dont stop til he knows everything - of all of them caleb looks like he could actually protect himself and others, hannahs getting annoying, how the hell could she put that thumb drive in the blender? Is she effin retardingly stupid? And I have no idea wats going on with noel and jenna.....i think someone needs to cold cock her from behind and dump her in the lions cage at the local zoo. I know, I'm sorry, I just hate her, I even hate the way she looks, she seems almost anetoxic


Spobys getting on my nerves, spencer is just getttin annoying with the whole staying away from him.....i need a break, glad that's over for a min. I'm happy about ezria, always loved them.....but when he left rosewood why didn't they just put things on hold for 2 years until she was 18, then tell her parents-but nothing about what happened when she was his student....i still can't believe they ever thought that would be a good idea. I think caleb should know everything, I think they should have told someone a long time ago


Anyone else notice the rug underneath the trashbin that "A" was burning the photos in? Maybe if we can figure out where that rug is in the other episodes, we can atleast figure out where "A" was when they were burning the pictures. The print on the rug is pretty distinctive, it was a tree print.


Jenna Garret Ian Jason Noel Mona Lucus Alisons twin sister all these
So thn who the hell is A ?!


How much do you want to bet that A was the guy Maya hooked up with?


I love how Aria has tricked 'A' into believing her and Ezra are over. Just amazing.
I really glad Spencer, Emily and Aria are lying to Hanna about Caleb. I know they're young girls, but they're letting love get in the way of their true goal. They need to back off and put 'A' at the top of their list.

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