Parks and Recreation Review: Get On Your Feet, Leslie Knope

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So maybe "Comeback Kid" wasn’t quite what Leslie Knope had in mind for her great political return, but there was more than enough to love on this first new Parks and Recreation episode of 2012.

April and Leslie

One of the things this sitcom does best is the long-payoff joke. I wasn’t sure where all of the lumber, carpet and three-legged dogs were going, but the culmination was better than I could have ever pictured. Watching the cast shuffle, slide and fall in that spectacular attempt to get to and - then literally shove - Leslie on to that stage might end up being one of my favorite bits this season.

Speaking of physical comedy: Who else wants Leslie to break dance more often?

The B plot with Chris and Ben put the kibosh, thankfully, on his unemployment rather quickly (sort of), but not before Chris diagnosed Ben with depression and cured him with his herbal belt. I’m a little disappointed Ben didn’t follow through with his calzone idea. Because, let’s be honest, calzones are pretty damn delicious, right?

Also, I’m hoping Parks has finally figured out the winning formula for Chris, in that a little of him goes a long way. Maybe he wouldn’t be as annoying if he had more than two character beats to his name, but I’m not holding out hope for that to happen anytime soon.

Finally, going back to Ben in terms of his unemployment, I’m very happy he wasn’t allowed to wallow by himself for very long. Ben as Leslie’s campaign manager keeps him together where all the real comedy is: with the rest of the cast. It also serves as a stopgap until Ben comes to terms with what his dream job really is: eventual return to the Parks Department.

Other thoughts:

  • “You beautiful tropical fish” is officially my go to opener to get people to do what I want.
  • An Herbal Belt sounds like something Nancy Botwin could use.
  • “Did he have three legs when you found him?” I’m glad Ben asked it.

What did you think of? What should Leslie's campaign slogan be? Sound off now and be sure to vote on your favorite quotes from this week’s episode!

Comeback Kid Review

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Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Tom, we're already late. Now be a man and sit on that girl's lap!


Leslie: Ben, my campaign manager and I, have made a decision.
Ann: We've decided to fire that campaign manager, me.
Leslie: And hire you.