One Tree Hill Review: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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One Tree Hill continued its stellar start to season nine with an episode not as epic in nature as the premiere, but just as emotional, and - thanks to the appearance of Chuck Scolnik - maybe more hilarious.

Because they use song titles for episode titles on One Tree Hill, sometimes it's a stretch to connect the dots between the single and the content. That wasn't the case with "In The Room Where You Sleep," as it became clear early on that the location of where a number of characters would be laying their heads in the near future would be a theme of the hour.

Alex and Chris

Alex and Chase, who I have loved separately and together since each arrived in Tree Hill, took some major steps forward and then, just maybe, a giant step back.

First of all, it was a ballsy move by Chase to just go ahead and move all of her stuff into his place. On the one hand, if she's down for it, it could be seen as completely romantic. On the other, if she's unsure of herself like Alex seemed to be, it could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

The whole development, with Chase and Chuck moving Alex's stuff to his place, and then Chase and Alex pouring their hearts out to each other - exchanging "I love yous" and what not - was pretty heartbreaking considering it was obvious that Alex was going to leave.

I assume this is the case where art imitates life - because Jana Kramer is off pursuing her career as a singer - but could it be that this is indeed life imitating art? Did Jana read the script that says Alex decides to go make music, and think it was a good idea? Yeah, I doubt it.

Kramer Tweeted tonight for everyone to "say goodbye to Alex," so I'm assuming this truly is it for her character. Is that enough of a goodbye? Will we just see Chase's reaction to the fact that she left to go on tour? And are they staying together, or was her leaving due to the fact that she realized she didn't want to settle down with Chase? Maybe I'm over thinking it, and Alex will be back next week to tie up the loose ends. Maybe.

The other room-sleeping situation that had my stomach in knots was everything and anything that happened between the Scotts. Dan poured his heart out yet again, Haley bit because she believes in forgiveness.

Nathan threw Dan out but then at the very end he said "When I come back, you have to be gone." So did he mean that Dan can stay all the way up until the moment Nate comes back? That seemed to be the way the murderer took the comment because it didn't seem like he'd be going anywhere anytime soon.

So while Nathan will be sleeping in Europe, because Clay can't figure out how to sleep anywhere besides a park, Dan will be sleeping in his son's house with his daughter-in-law and grandson. I can't help but think that Dan's final glance at the end of the episode was the look of a man with a plan. Perhaps he's just happy to be with family, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he had something else up his sleeve.

Now start trying out the third-person for a while, and take a look at how the couples stack up in this week's One Tree Hill Relationship Rankings...

1. Brulian
These two continue to be great together. Whether it is handling their cute twins, or dealing with the ridiculousness that is Brooke's parents, they do it in stride. I loved Brooke's speech to Victoria about how awful her parents have been, because they seriously have been. They come when it benefits them, and that's not fair to her.

2. Naley
I love the compassion Haley shows for Dan, and I love the strength Nathan shows in standing up to his father. These two have been through so much, and now it seems like Haley is going to have to deal with being without her man for quite some time. That will be interesting.

3. Chalex
As angry as I am at Alex for choosing the tour over Chase, I can't slide them any further down this list. Chase is just too charming, and they're so good together, that I'm holding out hope that these crazy kids will make it.

4. Mouthicent or Millimouth?
Whatever their shipper name is, they're back! And Mouth is huge! I love that they could just have his first appearance be him as this fat guy, but he also had to have a foot long sandwich in his mouth. Classic chubby joke. Here's the real question, though: is Mouth really so dumb that he wouldn't pick up on Millie's hint about getting off the couch? He's smarter than that, right? Show some pride Marvin McFadden, and run a lap.

5. Clinn
As you already know, these two don't do it for me. If One Tree Hill has done one thing wrong, it's been the introduction and development of these characters. All of this stuff with Clay's problem is interesting, but it doesn't resonate when it has to do with these two. Maybe others have grown to love them, have you?

There were a lot of moving parts within "In the Room Where You Sleep," and it did a great job of keeping up the excitement that the premiere opened with.

What did you all think? What was your favorite moment from the episode? Where do you think Alex and Chase stand? What's Dan Scott really up to? And who tops your Relationship Rankings this week?

Sound off in the comments, and don't forget to check the One Tree Hill quotes page for all the best lines of the season.


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loving the show so far.. great to see such great storytelling. miss nathan already, wish it were clay going to europe, but then never really liked his character. absolutely loving Chalex, so great to see them together and happy (mostly), feel a little nostalgic watching chris keller convince alex she should tour, just reminds me of the old days with haley, but we all know he's right, even if it brings on drama. Not sure what's up with Dan but I think it's good he's staying, to be with jamie and lydia. The family drama between Brulian and their parents is hilarious and moving at the same time. I LOVE quinn's style!! chuck and chase were funny, mouth being fat was hilarious.


I forgot to add that I don't find Clinn boring. As a couple, I believe they have it in them to make it as a OTH character. I think people are still getting use to them because in a way Clay replaces Lucas as Nathans bestfriend and Quin is the new girl replacing Peyton... and will, who could replace LUCAS AND PEYTON?! :)I find that most of their story lines have kept me entertained especially the physco wanna-be wife drama. :) I think they should let this couple be happy and develop there relationship rather then make Clay be mentally ill. All in all, A great episode.


As a fan of OTH from the beginning, I think Naley will always be the number one couple. Only because we have seen their relationship develop from the first time they met as enimies to falling in love, to getting married, becoming independent, falling pregnant, going through drama after drama with Nate's cheating scandal to Haley's mom's death and her depression. We have seen them grow into what they are: The Power Couple. :) Brooke and Julian would most defiantly be next in line. I'm so happy the producers got these two together. Brooke happy in love at last! The rest I'd keep the same as your's. :)


go away.
Clay and Quinn are amazing so get a life. noone cares what u think.


im tired of Alex and Chase im glad she's leaving, their so boring and i hate them i want Mia and Chase instead! Alex did this twice to Chase, she got a script without telling him she didnt talk to him about it and now she's going on tour no even talking to him about it! she needs to go! sorry but its the truth...
Clay and Quinn! LOVE THEM! their the first couple that never broke up in Tree Hill.. their so cute together!..i hope they have a kid and get married, they need to cause if they stayed together this long, then it's LOVE!
Brulian their cute i love them glad they have twins!!
Naley they always understand each other every time
Mouth and Millie glad their together and glad that their back in tree hill! hope they get married!


Clay and quin are so boring. I care nothing for these characters together. How bout less screen time for them.

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