Once Upon a Time Review: Blind Faith

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Hansel and Gretel wandered through the fairy tale forest this week, as "True North" focused on the plight of all of the Once Upon a Time orphans.

In one world, the Evil Queen was rocking some seriously cool outfits when she stumbled across this pair of iconic kids. The wayward children had lost their father and the queen was offering her help. We all know that's never a good thing, though.

Hansel and Gretel on Once Upon a Time

Hansel's darn lucky to have Gretel around or he'd be shish kabob. The queen was right. That girl's smart and spunky. 

The blind witch, meanwhile, was beyond creepy. I wished we'd gotten to spend a little more time with her, even though she might give me nightmares for the next month. I'm not sure I'll ever view butter or gravy the same way again.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma was scrambling to keep Ava and Nicholas out of the foster care system because apparently it didn't work out so well for her. She even went so far as to visit Mr. Gold who surprisingly asked for forgiveness in return for his help. She offered tolerance instead and he accepted pretty quickly. It made me wonder why he wanted to be back in Emma's good graces so badly.

As Emma struggled with her own long lost parent issues, Henry wanted to know about his biological father. I knew Emma was lying the moment she began the story. I half agreed with her that Henry shouldn't know the gory details. I doubt the real story was something she'd want to share with a 10-year old, but sooner or later the truth will come to light. One can only hope it won't be any time soon.

I loved that Emma finally shared Henry's theory about her being Snow White's (aka Mary Margaret's) orphaned child. Even though they don't believe in the curse now, I have to believe they will eventually. It will be fun to see if they start to view one another any differently from here on out.

It looked like the Evil Queen's issues followed her to Storybrooke. Neither she nor Regina could understand the concept of unconditional love. Of course, this is a woman who keeps a collection of hearts in boxes so...

Obviously, things are changing in Storybrooke. Hansel and Gretel found their happy ending. But will anyone else? And who is the new mysterious stranger?!? See what's in store for him now via this promo for next Sunday's new episode.


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I think that the show is two slow and choppy. have the characters interact with each other for a more realistic "fairy" show.


As most did i will also bet my money on the stranger being Rumpelstilskin's son. Except for the fact that he looks like he's younger version, he's the only one that could have escaped the fate of everyone else in Storybrook. I mean...it wouldn't be the first deal Rumple had with the queen!
After the previous episode i was also thinking that Rumple's son might be Henry's dad...But now i'm confused. There's no chance that Emma and The Stranger have changed so much over the past 10 years that they won't recognise each other. Well...We'll see...If we notice an unusual craving for pumpkinpie by his side then we'll have in our hands a first clue:D!!


I loved EQ's outfit out in the woods, even with all those extra dark curls! The Blind Witch seemed like an interesting character, but too much more would have given me nightmares, also! My first impression of the stranger was that he is Henry's dad, but Emma didn't seem to recognize him. Could it be? Emma must have been in jail a long time if, not only did she find out she was pregnant while in jail, but she also gave birth while imprisoned. She's never said what she was in for. All in all, a good episode!


I think the new guy in town is the Big Bad Wolf, in human form. Don't you get the Big Bad vibe from him?


@Naomi I actually did make the guess that he might be Henry's father in my own review. He could also be Rumple's son AND the boy who found Emma as a baby -- he could be all three. :) @Heather I agree -- I think Rumple is planning for Emma to take his place as the Dark One.


I really, really like this show, but with that said, it does move a bit slowly at times. I'm enjoying their twists on familiar fairy tales, but I wish they would also spend time just really moving the story forward. I feel vested in Emma, Snow/Mary Margaret, Charming/David, Henry and yes, even Rumple and the Evil Queen and I wait to see some more movement on breaking the spell and interactions between them in the modern world. I am definitely interested in finding out who this mysterious stranger is. And hopefully he's someone who will be sticking around since we lost some eye candy when Graham died.


Of course Mr. Gold is interested in Emma. He wanted to know her name from Snow White and names give control over a person. I think he sees her as something that belongs to him and that he might need in the future. So he's helping her to win her "trust". But I do not think for one moment that he sincerely likes her.The Hänsel & Gretel story wasn't super intriguing but I enjoyed watching just for the outfits of the EQ.


I'm gonna bet something different than Rumpel's son. I think that would be too soon. I think that the new guy is arrogant and pompous. That sounds like Beauty and the Beast if you ask me. We'll see ... ;-)


Im surprised no one has made the guess that this could be henrys father i mean just because emma didnt seem to recognize him doesnt mean age hasnt changed him i mean its been what ten years since she has seen him my husband thinks its the big bad wolf. I look forward to sundays to watch the show but i feel like they are going so slow that when the finale comes they will be trying to cram stuff into one episode and leave things out


Truthfully, this was one of my favorite episodes to date. I love how the Evil Queen wanted Hansel and Gretel to live with her in the castle...it shows the side of her that just wants to be loved. I hope the mystery guest is Rumple's son, but I'm praying that the truth about Henry's father doesn't leak out! How devastating for everyone, especially since Emma prides herself on her honesty.

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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Emma: What's your price?
Mr. Gold: Forgiveness.
Emma: How about tolerance?
Mr. Gold: That's a start.

Running from me is foolish. Foolish but also brave.

The Evil Queen