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whats the deal with the pumpkin pie and emma?? I dont remember


Writers! Get a cookbook. You don't baste with gravy. Silly wabbits!


This a terrible show, but what do I expect from the writers of Lost, I tried to give it half a season but this last eps did it for me. Too bad the pilot gave it so much promise.


I rarely acknowledge wardrobe while watching tv. My mind just throws it into the general background. I noticed a couple people commented favorably on the EQ's outfit in the woods. I must agree. Stunning! This does not mean I will be watching Melissa and Joan on Oscar night!!!


@Ale and @Spookypaws, the blind witch only stole the apple from the EQ, the story didn't say she created it. The EQ sends Hansel and Gretel in to retrieve something the Blind Witch "took for her", I believe...


Rumplestiltskin is "owed" Emma in a way, isn't he? I mean, it's clear he remembers the curse so he must also remember that Snow White promised him her first child..yet, for some reason, I believe that he is also redeemable in some way..

I'm really eager to find out who Henry's father is...I definitely don't see it being the stranger...

Also, am I mistaken or didn't Emma once tell Mary Margaret that Henry thought she was Mary/Snow's daughter? No?


I just love this show!! Its great to have an evening to just be able to relax and run away from lifes realities such as the horrible politics/politicians we are forced to deal with everyday right now. The storyline is familiar but with wonderful twist and turns, and the costumes are just beautiful! Please keep it coming!! THANKS!!!


I love this show lots of people are not fond of mr gold, but rumplestinskin was my favorite fairytale as a kid!!i love his deals and ways!!
I miss Charming and Graham!


I think Rumple likes to be on the winning side, and it doesn't matter which side it is. He knew the Evil Queen was going to do the curse and worked it to his advantage; now he knows Emma is destined to break the curse and is playing that angle. I don't think he's evil-evil-evil like Regina; if any "bad guy" is going to get redemption, it's going to be him...

LOVED the scene when Emma told Mary-Margaret that Henry thought she was her (Snow White's) daughter. There was a nice balance of joking on the surface but emotion underneath. It seemed to make Mary-Margaret more maternal and the bit with the blanket at the end was pitch perfect.


I didn't expect to like this show when it first came on but I found it (excuse the expression) charming.

And last night I was thrilled to see Nicholas Lea as H&G's father! Tender, intense, sexy - hot as ever!

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