Once Upon a Time Episode Preview: "7:15 A.M."

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Once Upon a Time spun its own tale of Hansel and Gretel this week, while introducing a mysterious stranger to Storybrooke, someone who will clearly play a role on next Sunday's episode.

It's titled "7:15 A.M." and ABC is teasing it with a synopsis that reads Mary Margaret and David will "continue to grapple with their unrequited love," while Emma and Regina wonder about the new guy in town. Off in fairytale world, meanwhile, Snow White will have a difficult time with Prince Charming's wedding date looming.

Check out the official preview now:

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Love the show, but I hope Sheriff Swan does NOT harrass the new Stranger. After all, she was recently in his boots.


@Mary, that's a very possible theory too since it's almost certain that The Stranger did have some kind of connection with Emma's life out of Storybrook... But i can't really think of a 7 year old that could be connected to the curse and still not live in the town... While Rumple's son could have escaped the curse (maybe due to one of his father's deals with the EQ) and still have sth to do with her been found on the side of the street. The 7 year old could have been a cover of some sort... And i kind of have a feeling that Rumple would wanna check on Emma while on the out world...so having his son watch over her could have some kind of logic. Far-fetched, ha? I know...but that's the fun of this show!


There's another theory that the Stranger is the 7 year old boy who found baby Emma. He does show up in True North shortly after she was looking at the story about when she was found as a baby.


I'm not getting a lot of this promo (except that David and Margaret are getting more screen time- so yeah!!! to that)... But it really gives us no clue for The Stranger. I'm wondering about that chest he's carrying around... Is it the same the EQ put the poisoned apple? If not, my guess is that it holds the knife with Rumpestilskins' name on... Since the main theory is that The Stranger is Rumple's son he could have given it to him so that the little boy wouldn't need to be afraid of him... That could be intriguing since it would mean The Stranger has total control over Mr Gold (probably)...

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