Mike & Molly Review: Guess Who's Coming To The Wedding

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From Victoria’s conversations with dead guys to Peggy’s Catholic quips, this episode of Mike & Molly was a lot of fun and had a lot to say about religion, family and the afterlife.

That’s pretty heavy stuff for a sitcom, but paired with the show’s sweet and sometimes bawdy humor, it didn’t feel weighed down at all.

The focal point of this episode, for me, was really Victoria. Despite her eccentricities, she’s at peace with herself and just wants to live life to the fullest (which might explain her parking tickets and suspended license). I think working with dead bodies gives Victoria a special perspective. She’s clearly not afraid of death and she possesses a certain quirky spirituality, as you can tell by her quotes from tonight’s episode.

Please, Mike

Peggy, however, is old school Catholic. She has high standards for her son’s wedding, and when they aren’t met, watch out! I don’t blame Mike for being scared of his mom, particularly when it comes to sensitive issues like his father.

Even Molly braved Peggy’s wrath to try and open up a dialogue about the wedding in that great cafeteria scene (those lunch ladies sure are hostile), but with no luck. It makes sense then that, after all the regular tactics had failed, only Victoria’s sweet, non-judgmental appeals would work.

Were you surprised that Victoria managed to change Peggy's mind? I thought Peggy was going to see right through Victoria’s flattery, but I guess a kind word goes a long way with her. I hope by the time Mike and Molly’s nuptials roll around the show remembers Victoria’s offer to do Peggy’s makeup – that will make for a great scene!

"Victoria Can't Drive" ended with Victoria heading out to the VFW with Peggy, or “Legs” as Victoria now calls her. Their friendship is an unlikely one, but it’s definitely full of comedic potential.

Victoria Can't Drive Review

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Mike & Molly Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

I'm going to jail? I'm too young and too pretty! Those butch chicks will be on me like ants on a peach!


Peggy: You invited your dead beat dad and his whore to our wedding?
Mike: Well, it's still up in the air with the whore.
Molly: Our wedding?!