Leverage Season Finale Review: Send In The Backups

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The season four finale of Leverage, "The Last Dam Job," really made me want more of the team, especially to see them with their “backups." Thankfully, we'll get at least part of that when the show returns this summer for season five.

While it's not new that Nate and his squad brought down a bad guy (in this case it was Latimer and Victor), what made this episode unique from other takedowns was the interaction of the team members with their counterparts. I loved it!

Nate Confronts Victor

Watching Quinn (Clayne Crawford) and Chaos (Wil Wheaton) attempting to work together with Quinn wanting to hurt Chaos - while the latter spoke down to Quinn as he explained the way they were going to break into the computer - was refreshingly funny and brought back memories of season one. 

The sudden appearance of Maggie Collins (Kari Matchett), Nate’s ex-wife, was also welcome. Actually, I want to give kudos to TNT for not showing her in the preview and giving us all a nice surprise when she sat down next to Latimer. Did any else catch her reference to Jim Sterling and her attraction to him? I wonder about the chances that Sterling and Maggie have seen each other again.

By far, it was Richard Chamberlain who stole the show as Archie Leach. I laughed so hard when he tazzered Chaos that I had to pause the show for a minute to wipe my eyes. Then, when he and Parker had the heart-to-heart about how he approved of Hardison, and she cared, it was really sweet. 

Speaking of touching and sweet, how awesome was Eliot in his protectiveness of Nate?!? Between him trying to talk Nate out of killing Victor/Latimer to him nearly killing Victor himself, he showed how strongly he cares for Nate.

Many may think that the conclusion with Latimer was a bit rushed; to me it felt like it matched about how often we met him, so I didn’t mind at all. Honestly, I’m glad it’s done and I'm looking forward to this summer to see what Nate and the team gets into.  

I do have some questions as we go into season five:

  • When Nate says he has to make some changes, does that mean he is climbing out of the bottle?
  • Why can’t they keep the cave? I like the idea of an “Eliot Signal."
  • Besides, don’t we still have some other bad guys out there wanting a piece of Nate?


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I just read everyone's comments... And I don't know what to say... I can only pray that each n every one of u find a good series to watch- along with a life. I'm gonna head back to mine now... And it's called "Saturday Psych marathon"!! (lmfao)!! I love a show that knows how not to take themselves so serious- its T.V. For gods sake! P.S. I hope the "team" never finds themselves in Santa Barbara- detective Lassiter would shoot Elliot before he could flip his hair back!!! Ha, ha,ha...


This show sucks.. It is So unrealistic. I hate all these stupid characters on this horrible show. I had the misfortune of watching a few episodes ,to try and get into it, but all I do is hope they all get killed. This show is filled with bad actors and even worst characters. I can't tell which one I hate the most. All they say Is"that's what I do".. I just can't believe that Elliot never gets shot. It's so stupid. That blonde is so ugly, with all those stupid faces she makes, it's not cute. Nate always uses a dumb voice when he is playing a character. I just wish this show would go away..


That was a great episode!!! Loved it and agree totally with the review! This show continues to give fun, wit, action and laughter each season. What a great cast!! Love them all though I would like to see them with their counterparts again, the empathizing of Quinn and Eliot had me laughing and Mr. Peter Otoole tazered Chaos - yes had me laughing out loud - loved it. Wanna see more of Quinn!!!


I noticed Nate's ex-wife in the season finale, got this good feeling beyond that she's a handsome looking women. Consulted with my wife, who reminded me that she was Kari Matchett. Ahhh, I knew instantly where and when I saw her first --- the quite finely-done Nero Wolfe tv series with, once again, Timothy Hutton and Maury Chaykin as an excellent Nero Wolfe. So, if you want to see a sexy Kari with an edge, and masterfully done detective stories, catch this series in reruns. Some actors have an honesty in their performances, and Matchett is one of these. It's too bad we don't see her more often. Wonder why?


Great episode! I love this show, and it was a perfect way to end the season. Everything great about a Leverage episode was covered here! Nate's ex-wife was a nice surprise! I love Kari Matchett! I definitely think they should keep the cave! To hear Eliot get all excited about an "Eliot Signal" was just AWESOME! I love Parker and Hardison and I'm glad Parker and Archie shared that touching moment! :) She is just too darn cute! Can't wait till next season!!


Any one else see a spinoff being possible w/ archie (thief) quinn (hitter) chaos (hacker) sterling(?) (mastermind) and maggie or tara (grifter) i freakin love this show


Great. I agree with the review.


#1: No. I don't think Nate will ever climb completely out of the bottle. He may try, but I think he's proven that he's a better functioning drinker than a complete lush or teetotaler. (I don't think I spelled that right.) I'm not sure what all his changes are, but obviously one of them is Sophie. Perhaps the changes are more being open and a team player along the lines of having each other's back. #2: Yeah I liked the cave. It was awesome. And the wolf would have been a pretty awesome signal, but when I think of Eliot, a fist seems more appropriate. :) I think the cave would be a good hideout to have in case someone comes after them and finds out where Nate lives (like has happened how many times before?) Just a thought. #3: That I don't know, but I'm pretty sure there are hence why I think they should keep the cave as a backup. (refer to latter part part of second question answer) :)


Great episode....Again! Loved the way the throwbacks to the Leverage of Season 1 and 2. Anyone catch Quinn bringing the old portrait that used to hang in the Leverage Consulting Offices into the Bat Cave?? Nice touch :)


@Nichele Victor used the profiles he built on the team members to determine what jobs they would take, I'm guessing that Latimer was monitoring the team and feeding Victor information on what clients they were getting.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 18 Quotes

Chaos: I want my usual fee, plus expenses and Parker dresses up as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica
Hardison: Not happening.

Nate: Do you remember when I said to you, that the next time we met I wouldn't be so nice?
Victor: Yeah.
Nate: Well, welcome to the next time.