Hawaii Five-0 Review: Shelburne, Revealed!

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"Pu' olo:The Package

I would venture to say that the most talked about mystery this season on Hawaii Five-0 has been who - or what - is Shelburne, which Wo Fat has been chasing and/or afraid of. Sadly, this buzzed-about question turned into the the most disappointing reveal ever this week.

For months we've been agonizing, hypothesizing, analyzing, and theorizing about Shelburne, and our reward is this?!? Oh, yeah, it’s a code name and I used it when I killed Wo Fat’s father. Why the heck did we need to be tortured with that for this long? 

Leading the Dangerous Way

Okay, that letdown aside, this week’s episode offered several good things that helps soften the bitter taste Shelburne is going to leave. First, Rachel and Grace were back. I’m not sure if Claire van der Boom is really pregnant, or was recently so, as she kind of had that “new mom” glow about her. I was crossing my fingers that she would tell Danny the baby was really his. Alas, it was not to be. 

Second, all you anti-Lori readers got your wish because she stayed in the truck while the rest of the team went into the warehouse. That’s not to say us pro-Lori people weren’t happy, as she and Kono going to get Sang was great. I'm still a big support of Kono and Lori's girl power.

While we're talking about Lori, it looks like the series has finally found a look for Lauren German. Her hair is longer and darker, and she is dressing with influences from Kono, Steve and a touch of Danny. I know I’m in the minority, but I’m really hoping we see German added to the opening credits so she is confirmed a long term Five-0 member.

Is anyone disappointed that Joe is going into hiding? I know I’m not. After the months of cat and mouse over Shelburne and the disappointing reveal, I’m ready for him to not be the focus - at least for a while. Then again, Joe called someone a few episodes back about Shelburne. I suspect it was Hiro Noshimuri, but it could be a loop hole for a better answer to this ongoing question.

Speaking of the Noshimuri family, now that Adam no longer thinks Joe killed his father and Steve asked him to help with Wo Fat, many Ian Anthony Dale fans may get their wish to see Adam more often. While comments on the last episode exploded with discussion over who was better looking, Alex O'Loughlin or Dale. I’m going to freely admit to having a budding man crush on both of them and let you all take it from there. 

Steve McGarrett Receives Call

Did anyone else catch the attempt to patch the plot hole with the flashback to 1992? If you’re not familiar with the plot hole in question, there has been a discrepancy pointed out between comments made on the first season when Steve was the high school quarterback and the first episode this season when Joe and Steve discussed why Steve’s father sent him away when he was a teenager.

The flashback attempted to patch said hole by showing Steve as a junior in high school getting sent off to the military academy. However, as Steve was the “star quarterback,” it was still a bit thin given that most quarterbacks are juniors or seniors, not sophomores. Maybe it’s different on the islands. 

Overall, it was a good episode for tying up a lot of small bits of information and landing flat on one big one. Let's see where the show goes from here.


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@martinelli..they have changed her role every single week cause they do not know what to do with her. Remember she was supposed to be a female mcgarret.....YEAH RIGHT!! They changed that pretty quick.


@Kelley..if she is not in the sides for epi 2.18 then she is gone. They always have her on the sides not even as a guest but as a starring role. Can you tell me where you saw the sides? I would like to look at it myself, it might give me some hope. :)


What I don't understand: if Lori's mission in H50 is to keep an eye on them, to "babysit", how come we've never seen her reporting to the Governor? Better yet, how come she cornered the Governor in the kidnap case, she told him, he has no choice, other than pay the terrorists?
And let's not forget she went to Korea too.


@Kelly - This is a big mess. Either way someone will get hurt and the kids definitely will get hurt.


@Jeffrey...I think it would make perfect sense for the Governor to fire Lori. She was introduced as the babysitter..the informer if you will.. the reason she was put on the team was to report back to the Governor and keep the team in line. In fact I was surprised that Lori didn't get an ear bashing at least after the Korea incident.
Someone tweeted Lenkov in December and asked if anyone would pay for what the team did in Korea and Lenkov's reply was "just wait". So maybe the Governor overlooked Korea, but now that there's been a second incident, irrespective of who actually caused it.. Lori gets fired because she wasn't doing what she was put there to do.
It does seem to point to Lori particually as she is not in episode 2.18 sides.


Chin was kicked of the force for something his uncle did. Cousin Sid had suffer to consequences of that. Chins uncle may have gone to jail, they said for sure. Kono was forced to go undercover for IA to save her badge and the team from IA investigations. Now Chin again? How much can one family endure?


oops didn't finish. they had already set the precedence when Kono took the fall for the whole team when the took the money to save Chins life


@Jeffrey...I would agree with you except they have already set precedance


Danny and Rachel were also having problems otherwise they wouldnt have gotten divorsed. I agree that Rachel seems unstable with her back and forth between Stan and Danny but Danny is just as bad imo. Only a few months ago he was shouting at her because she threatened to take away his visitation rights and then suddenly he's madly in love with her again. Even if Danny is still in love with Rachel why didnt he give a thought to Grace. She's already been uprooted from her home once and he doesn't even object to her being uprooted again at a moments notice. Grace is being dragged back and forth so I can't see how this can be benefitting Grace. What about Stan in all of this. Many husbands work away, Rachel knew that about him before she married him. If Stan had been Rachels ex and Danny and Rachel were married, would we think Stan deserved to be with Rachel because he stil had feelings for her.


I will allow for the fact that it's LG and she is the one fired and is gone! But the reason I brought up the Chin possibility is it sounds like it is his character that causes the incident in some of the things Iv'e seen and I think it would be wrong for the governor to fire Lori for another team members action just to make a statement! Now if it is her fault then if she did the crime she must do the time, if she is fall victim for someone else it is not fair!

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