Hart of Dixie Review: Swing and a Miss-tress

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I understand that not a lot happens each week in Bluebell.

We visit the town on Monday nights mostly because Zoe is cute, Wade is attractive and Levon is funny. Hart of Dixie doesn't really do cliffhangers or twists or turns, and that's mostly fine. It can be enjoyable to just switch your mind off for an hour and plop yourself down in the middle of these quirky residents.

But the lack of suspenseful storylines simply makes relationships on the show all the more important, and "Mistress & Misunderstandings" took two major steps back in that regard.

Happy Hart

Wasn't it just two episodes ago, on the winter finale, where Zoe appeared to be opening up her heart to Wade? Granted, nothing actually happened and, yes, it makes sense there might still be some back and forth between these two.

That's what happens on TV shows, that's the sort of suspense Hart of Dixie wants to pull off, but the behavior by both these characters now feels contrived, like the writers have grown desperate to keep them apart for as long as possible. Their actions this week certainly erased any progress that was seemingly made on "Hairdos and Holidays."

Between past looks and kisses, it's just silly for Wade to still think Zoe is uninterested. And between her past exchanges with her neighbor, or even with George for that matter, it seems even sillier that proverbial sparks would fly from a smooch with Judson. Did anyone buy that lip lock? Does anyone really believe Zoe has feelings for the vet? I didn't think so. This reeks, as I said, of the writers needing to create an obstacle in order to delay the inevitable coupling of Zoe and Wade.

Meanwhile, wasn't it just one episode ago where the ice thawed a bit between Zoe and Lemon? What happened to the latter gaining some respect for the former after last Monday's Belle-based escapades?

That progress simply vanished here, as both Lemon and Zoe acted as if they were the same rivals they had always been. It's like last week's episode never happened, or previous ones for that matter, because the show has made it appear as if Zoe is gaining respect in town (she actually has her own patients now). It seemed like a stretch for AnnaBeth to be so afraid of their friendship going public.

These sorts of developments need to remain consistent on any series, but especially on one that relies so heavily on interactions between town residents. We need to believe there's some sort of evolution to these relationships, don't we?

That's why my favorite scene involved George and his enemy-turned-apologetic-drinking buddy. The former barely uttered a word, yet the look on his face - while his new friend rambled on and on about problems with his marriage that easily translate to George and Lemon - made it clear that he's just starting to realize the issue may not be Lemon's occasional nuttiness; it may actually be the two of them as a couple.

Which makes sense because George and Lemon together makes NO sense. I've noted it in past reviews, but it's worth saying again: he's nice and forgiving and open-minded, while she's simply... insufferable. Seriously, Lemon Breeland has to be my least favorite character on TV. She's just shallow and mean and stereotypical and a few instances of her crying won't change my mind.

So it was a frustrating episode overall. It's growing legitimately difficult to watch Lemon without hurling something at my television and, even more pressing, it's irritating that all progression on the Zoe and Wade front was erased simply for the sake of dragging out their courtship.

I need a double scotch myself after this one.


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I don't want Zoe with Judson. They have no chemistry at all. I love Zoe with Wade, the chemistry is just crazy and they are into eachother. But so much misunderstanding and doubt between the too. Wade needs to man up and kiss her already. I can't wait for them to be together.


I liked this episode, although I barely remembered that lemon and zoe bonded in the previous episode. That said, Judson came out of no where! I get that they liked each other so that consoles me a bit but I couldn't help saying 'Awww Wade' like a million times in those last few minutes. I think the review was a bit harsh on the judson + zoe thing : I mean Shelley the waitress did mention how Zoe hasn't been getting any - maybe that's why it felt so right? Zoe's ready for some lovin!


I haven't watched this episode yet, but I have noticed that there really hasn't been any progress made anywhere! I'm wondering if Josh S is moving so slow with the plot lines because of how fast he moved The OC and it almost seemed like he ran out of stories for that show. I like the show, but it does need to start moving IMO


I think George is going to split with Lemon just before the wedding and he's going to ask out Zoe about the same time Wade decides to make a move. Zoe's gonna have to choose and she could very well choose George. They had chemistry right away and he's the kind of guy she see's herself with. Also think Lemon will run back to Levon. Probably season finale.


I wondered why this episode only got 3 stars and then I saw who wrote the review. You do write the worst reviews ever. Maybe you should just quit watching all the shows you're bashing and let people write the reviews that actually having something legit to say.


I completely agree with the above comment "but the behavior by both these characters now feels contrived, like the writers have grown desperate to keep them apart for as long as possible". I really thought they had some fantastic ending… bringing back this other guy was just odd and desperate on the writers part. I actually believe Zoe and Wade being together could pull in a whole new element to the show. It doesn't have to be about her being a single doctor, having bad relationship after another. It could actually be about the quirky ups and downs Zoe and Wade experience in their relationship (and Zoe of course adjusting to BlueBell/southern life). Did these writers never watch Friends... Monica and Chandler seem to have the love of millions of viewers. Just a really silly ending for the writers to conjure up. Also, there's not many women that would be all for sleeping with the same man that chose one of your (ex?)friends not that long ago. No matter how much he begs...:S


What were the writers thinking!?!? It was horrible. I look forward to this show every week, but I was sooo disappointed last night. We, the viewers want Zoe with Wade, not with the ding-dong who slept with her best friend....Quit dragging it out. I agree, please quit portraying Zoe as a Dingy Dr from NY, show off her talents. Perhaps some sort of incident in which she has to save Brick or his prescious Lemon!!! Let her finally get some respect in this town! Let he have her friend back....Thought the whole idea was to stand up to the manipultive cry-baby Lemon. In last nights episode they went 2 steps forward, and 4 steps back. People should respect Zoe. If they don't do something soon this show will be cancelled, and it would be such a shame because it has so much potential!!!!!

Uss biddle dlg 34

Another "strike" lame....halfwit episode....... that's 2 in a row. Dead show walking !!!


I feel like this show has hit the rewind button and Zoe is right back where she was at the begining of the season. I know she is still trying to find herself but why are we not revisiting the kind of "love triangle" between Zoe, Wade, and George?


It was a fun episode Hart of Dixie is no Gilmore Girls but I love it all the same. I think Juddson and Zoe could be nice together for a couple of episodes he is the guy she is "supposed" to be with, but she will end up with Wade soon enough.
Was it me or did Wade look better before he combed his hair it just looked awkward.
I think Hart of Dixie is following the Felecity Love Triangle you have the good brainy girl (Felicity / Zoe) who has obvious chemistry with the "badboy" womanizer (Ben/Wade)but she ends up getting with the brainy kinda goofy good guy (Noel/George).

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