Gossip Girl to End With a "Gasp" Monday

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Much has already been said about Gossip Girl's 100th episode Monday night.

Heck, we're starting to wonder what hasn't been said about the milestone.

It’s Blair’s wedding! Georgina’s back! Love triangles/squares galore! So many Upper East Side events are just waiting to come to a head, for better or worse. But as we learned yesterday, one big twist remains a big mystery.

That bombshell, apparently comes at the very end.

“You have to see [the last few minutes] to believe them. I really think they will take people’s breath away,” EP Joshua Safran says. “Someone asked on Twitter, ‘Will we smile or cry at the end of the episode?’"

"And I said, ‘It will be more like a gasp.’”

Daniel, Serena

Executive Producer Stephanie Savage, who we can only hope played a major role in crafting the upcoming installment, explains that the final moment was something that “had to happen” in the 100th episode.

“That’s one of the fun things about having a mature show in Season Five, you feel like you can really have some fun. In the first couple of seasons, you feel like you have to keep certain things very guarded and protected because the hope is that you’ll have to make them last a long time,” she says.

Safran adds: “What we can say is why we made that decision will become clear with future episodes because, obviously, you will learn more about why that has happened, how that has happened. You see, it was such an easy decision ... It wasn’t something we belabored over or had long discussions about. It really wasn’t.”

“Obviously [the end] changes things. And what happens in the episode for Blair, Dan, Chuck, and Serena will become a whole new world for them. Obviously, we pushed the 100th episode as a special episode."

"A huge wedding, a royal wedding - it's a big episode. But it’s also the 13th episode of the season. So, the season arc does continue. The 100th is a turning point, connected to everything happening before.”

What do you think goes down at the end of the wedding-themed extravaganza to come? What could shock us at this point? Sound off on where you see the show heading - Monday and beyond - in the comments!

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@Chair can never be friends Okay if Chuck has changed, why is he trying to sabotage her wedding? He's going back to the same old stuff. And yes I ship Dair, but I would be fine with it if Blair chose to be alone, whatever makes her happy. And you're right, if Chuck and Blair do get back together I will stop watching the show. So yes, I think campaigning 'Save Blair from Chuck' is much more appropriate that 'Fix Chuck and Blair' because if he was really the perfect character that you guys say he is, there wouldn't be anything to fix


@Isabel Dair is more abusive than Chair? Are you in your conscious mind? Perhaps having brain damage speaks for itself. Sorry kid, please watch the show properly. Don't get blinded by your own hell ship.


Pride and Prejudice is my favourite novel. I've also read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. But you cannot compare Blair to the heroines of Jane Austen's books because Elizabeth Bennet, Marianne, Elinor or Fanny are good-hearted women. They would never scheme or humiliate other people. Blair on the other hand can be loyal and kind but she also enjoys to manipulate others and to humiliate them. So she resembles more Catherine Earnshaw. In Wuthering Heights Catherine chooses the good guy Linton, but she admits that she never loved him the way she loved Heathcliff and that destroys both her and Heathcliff in the end. She tried to ignore the great love that she felt for Heathcliff and that made both her and Heathcliff miserable and lead to a tragic ending for both of them.
But to compare classic literature to GG is an insult to Jane Austen and Emily Bronte.


It seems that the writers will make Dair happen, but Dan and Blair will break up. They have a connection on an intellectual level but you need more than that to make a relationship work.Chuck sees Blair's dark side and he loves her for it and Blair loves him back the same way. They both enjoy the Upper East Side lifestyle and they have a deep connection. They really love each other desperately. So that's why these two are made for each other. And as a viewer I enjoy watching Ed and Leighton, these two have great chemistry and they're the heart of the show. If the two weren't on the show I wouldn't watch gg.
Penn is a good actor and I think it's great that he supports the occupy movement but he doesn't share that kind of on-screen chemistry that Ed and Leighton have.


I would never advise a girl in reality to have a relationship like that. In reality I would never like or be friends with a person who behaves the way the characters on gg do.I also disagree with the fact that Dan would make Blair happier than Chuck can. Dan doesn't know Blair at all. He wants to see only the good parts of her personality and he doesn't want to see the bad things that she's done. Dan idealizes Blair and puts her on a pedestal. He did the same to Serena and we all know how that ended. Besides Dan doesn't like the Upper East Side lifestyle. In the last episode he even complained to Serena that the coffee is too expensive. How would Blair who impersonates that lifestyle react to that?


...In my opinion Dan and Blair have this "hate turns into love" thing. They didn't like each other at first but then they develop feelings for each other(although imo Blair developing feelings for Dan is too OOC, but okay) We have seen this storyline a thousand times in so many movies and tv shows. Blair and Chuck on the other hand share this obsessive and passionate love. They remind me of Emily Bronte's Heathcliff and Catherine and that's what makes them interesting to me.


@Ain't born typical
Great comment! Thank you so much for making me laugh!
Wonderful comment! I couldn't have said it better myself!
I don't think that any character on a tv show should be a role model. This is fiction and not reality. If somebody wants to have a role model they should choose a real person not a fictional character on a tv show especially not a tv show like gg. Besides I don't think that gg has a message. And what would that message be? That you should hook up with every guy you know?...


@Simone I suggest you read two great novels by Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park: both love story, of course. And then, you tell me which one deserves the girl. Edmund (Dan) who has this intellectual bond with Fanny, or Henry (Chuck)? John (Chuck) a soon to be successful doctor, or Colonel Brandon (Dan) who has always been there for Marianne ?


Don't any of you Dair fans read the great romance novels? This is a TV show, a story. Anyone who claims to ship Dair does not understand the concept of the great love stories that make you want to read passages of books over and over again. Dair has absolutely no depth to them. They share a couple of common interests but this by no means makes them compatible for a great romance where both people truly love the other and would do anything for them. Chuck almost died holding onto Blair's ring. When she didn't come to the top of the empire state building he didn't care if he lived or died. THIS is what makes great love stories, not petty boring bickering between two actors who lack chemistry and are deemed 'cute'. In all of these love stories the two main protagonists have done terrible things to each other but this does not make them love each other any less. Focus on the amazing connection and their love for each other instead of the mistakes they have made and it will become clear.


See you Dair fans are such hypocrites. You feel perfectly fine to round off all these wrong things that Chuck has done to Blair, but then the minute we mention some of the things Dan has done to Blair you wave your arms in the air claiming that 'Dan has matured and is more grown up'. Yeah, if you actually watch the show carefully you would see the same thing has happened with Chuck's character.

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