Gossip Girl to End With a "Gasp" Monday

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Much has already been said about Gossip Girl's 100th episode Monday night.

Heck, we're starting to wonder what hasn't been said about the milestone.

It’s Blair’s wedding! Georgina’s back! Love triangles/squares galore! So many Upper East Side events are just waiting to come to a head, for better or worse. But as we learned yesterday, one big twist remains a big mystery.

That bombshell, apparently comes at the very end.

“You have to see [the last few minutes] to believe them. I really think they will take people’s breath away,” EP Joshua Safran says. “Someone asked on Twitter, ‘Will we smile or cry at the end of the episode?’"

"And I said, ‘It will be more like a gasp.’”

Daniel, Serena

Executive Producer Stephanie Savage, who we can only hope played a major role in crafting the upcoming installment, explains that the final moment was something that “had to happen” in the 100th episode.

“That’s one of the fun things about having a mature show in Season Five, you feel like you can really have some fun. In the first couple of seasons, you feel like you have to keep certain things very guarded and protected because the hope is that you’ll have to make them last a long time,” she says.

Safran adds: “What we can say is why we made that decision will become clear with future episodes because, obviously, you will learn more about why that has happened, how that has happened. You see, it was such an easy decision ... It wasn’t something we belabored over or had long discussions about. It really wasn’t.”

“Obviously [the end] changes things. And what happens in the episode for Blair, Dan, Chuck, and Serena will become a whole new world for them. Obviously, we pushed the 100th episode as a special episode."

"A huge wedding, a royal wedding - it's a big episode. But it’s also the 13th episode of the season. So, the season arc does continue. The 100th is a turning point, connected to everything happening before.”

What do you think goes down at the end of the wedding-themed extravaganza to come? What could shock us at this point? Sound off on where you see the show heading - Monday and beyond - in the comments!

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@Ain't born typical
Well, like I said it's different for everyone. I enjoy Ed and Leighton interact and share the unique chemistry that they have. In my opinion love can be as individual as the two people who share that feeling, so love can also be evil, destructive etc. And I for my part enjoy reading books on characters who have a completely different life than I have and who look at the world differently than I do. For me it's the only way to broaden my horizon.I also enjoy watching Dexter but does that mean that I would want a serial killer in real life to do what Dexter does? No, but it is just a tv show. So I do differentiate between reality and fiction. Besides Chair had also had their good moments, it wasn't just Chuck treating Blair badly;-) I'm just curious but which relationship do you like on gg?


Dan and Blair like Lizzie and Darcy share a connection on the intellectual level but where is the spark, the chemistry that Darcy and Lizzie despite their animosity share? That’s why they are incomparable in my mind because Dan and Blair are just friends and Lizzie and Darcy are lovers even from the beginning on. Even in the beginning it’s not just one sided with Darcy and Lizzie. But maybe I’m just biased and that’s why I don’t see it the way you do;-)


@Lisie In my mind Blair Waldorf would never want to give up the status that she has. She enjoys the Upper East Side lifestyle and she enjoys to look down at people. That’s I think also one of the reasons why she wants to marry Louis. And that’s also a reason why she will never see Dan as her equal. Darcy on the other hand was brought up to be haughty and proud beacuse of his status but through his love for Lizzie he overcomes this. And from the beginning Darcy sees Lizzie as his equal.So the writers can let Blair change but in my opinion it would be ooc for her. Besides there has been an initial attraction between Lizzie and Darcy, which I didn’t see between Dan and Blair. Both Darcy and Lizzie felt attracted towards each other and they maybe would have gotten together sooner if Darcy hadn’t offended Lizzie in the beginning.

Aint born typical

Blair and Chuck are equals and if they both don't let their dark sides take over their relationship could work. But you see, it doesn't quite fit, does it? Chuck did let his dark side take over the relationship more than once. And sometimes Blair too. I'm not saying it's bad television or bad drama. What I'm saying is that I find it fundamentally wrong to call what Chuck and Blair have "love" either in real life or anywhere. Art is about expression of something that is rooted in reality. You can't really separate the two so much as to say I can accept it in a TV show but not accept it in real life. At least I can't. I can appreciate the drama. I can appreciate the conflict. And I can even appreciate the ridiculous plot lines. What I can't accept is saying love is what Chuck and Blair share. Because love can't be this evil. It just can't be. Call me an old fashioned romantic.


@Aint Born Typical
In my opinion not only good-hearted people can find great love but also people who are evil can find someone who will love him or her despite or because of the dark facets of their personality. Because love isn't something that you can earn, it's a gift. That's the reason why I compared Chuck and Blair to Catherine and Heathcliff. Their only redeemable quality is the great love that they feel for each other. But Chuck and Blair should not be taken as a role model for relationships. I differentiate between reality and fiction. On tv I don't want to watch the ideal relationship, then I would have to watch shows like 7th Heaven and that would be boring;-) But I guess it’s different for everyone.


@Ain't Born Typical
In real life I would never support a relationship that is as unhealthy and destructive as Chuck and Blair's is. But on tv shows,in books and movies I want to see relationships play out that I won't see or experience in real life. And of course Dan should not forgive Blair for using him but that is in my mind the reason why Dair will not work because he will never understand how Blair can love Chuck even after what he did. Blair and Chuck are equals and if they both don't let their dark sides take over their relationship could work. But to me what's making their relationship interesting and epic is that two people who can be so mean and damaged can have such an intense connection to another person and can love another person so profoundly.


I do think Dair is like Lizzie and Darcy. Lizzie judges him for being above himself and looking down on other people. Darcy judges her for her inclination to speak her mind and for her family. It's the reverse of Dair. Blair judges Dan for being from Brooklyn etc and he judges her as the spoilt UES girl. They also have the same sharp dialogue. It's only when they truly interact that they see each other for who they really are, warts and all!

Aint born typical

Ilovechair, you bring up something that is basically a problem with how relationships are portrayed on this show and indirectly the reason i refuse to ship chair. I am very much against what this show has done with the concept of love. I don't care how evil or flawed the person you could be, by nature of it, if you love someone I cant believe you would use someone in the same way Chuck did Blair in season 3. You say Dan would not forgive Blair if she used and manipulated him. My question is and why should he? I would never in a million years comuld imagine that Blair would forgive Chuck. I hate that this show throws epithets like great and epic love, but the actions of these characters in no way can be interpreted as love. Basically if Chuck and Blair are what epic love is, then i shall prefer to be single forever.


I had to laugh at your remark that Jane was dull:-D I agree with you that the characters are testament to the time that they were written in. In my mind Dair are incomparable to Darcy and Lizzie but everyone is entitled to have their own opinion and I respect your opinion.


I can recall plenty of times in real life where the 'great love', that you tried with every inch of you to work out, just doesn't. Not because of a lack of love or passion, it just wasn't meant to be and its very believable how the writers have conveyed Chuck and Blair struggling to let go of that. However there is often a much easier relationship that comes after, and though it might not have the 'fire' of the other, its just as good. But it doesn't change the fact you really wanted the previous relationship to work out. Everyone has that 'one ex' and I think that's why Chair is so relatable. But lets face it, in real life, Chair would have been over straight after the Hotel thing, and she would end up with Dan. Saying Chair are 'meant to be', just because they've been through a lot, makes love sound sadistic. If you find yourself in the position where your BF wants you to sleep with his uncle for ANY REASON, dump him ladies. Its not 'true love', hes just a messed up douche bag.

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