Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Here Comes the Bride ...

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This new sneak peek of Monday's Gossip Girl shows the beautiful bride, Blair Cornelia Waldorf, entering the church on her wedding day, walking down the aisle escorted by her two dads, and ... scene!

It's nothing we didn't know, based on the photo gallery, which showed B walking down the aisle to meet Prince Louis at the altar. What transpires after that remains very unclear, however. So many possibilities!

Still, it's neat to see some of the visuals. From Rufus and Lily to Eleanor and Dorota, everyone looks so happy and glamorous at the decadent affair. Just give it another minute or two after this scene:

The only new revelation in the clip above is twofold, and does not involve Blair:

  1. Dan realizes no one thinks he and Serena are fake dating but him.
  2. Serena says she just did something "bad."

Any theories on what S might have done, and how D figured that out?

Also notable: Chuck Bass does not appear in the above clip. Hmm ...

Whatever ends up happening in the 100th episode next week, and whether Blair ends up with Chuck, Dan, Louis or no one, it's sure to have people talking and we will be here to pick up the pieces!

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I love chuck and blair 2gether I know she gonna end up with chuck in the finalie.


What is the song playing in this clip?


Nice-hat...please remenber to keep your comments civil. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. If a fan wants to (did you mean whine instead of winning?). Chair fans and dair fans are free to their opinions free from sarcastic posts or comments.


Thank you for sharing that spoiler with us. I haven't heard that before. But I am not sure why you're directing your comment at me. I didn't even mention Dan in my comments. Besides if that shocking revelation leads to Blair not marrying the prince I am totally up for it. In addition I would stop watching the show not because of dair but because I don't want to see my favourite character getting married to a guy she clearly doesn't love, who doesn't love her enough to write his vows and who can't say her name without making me laugh. Blair was always someone who followed her heart and the old bitchy and tough Blair from season 1 would never marry a guy because of a pact with God. So I rather stop watching before the writers destroy her character completely.


I'm intrigued to see what happens at the wedding and the dream sequences.. i hope fake Derena is abolished.. Derena was so over back in S2 i just don't understand S's selfishness.. nor the fact that rufus and lily are ok with their step children dating.. I hope Louis leaves Blair - she's still living in a fantasy world.. after all the scandel its a wonder the Monaco Royals want her.. and wouldn't the wedding be in monaco not the UES? LOVE DAN and so good to see some Dan/Nate friendship again. As for Chair vs Dair - I'm on team Dair but I'm excited to see if Chuck will fight for Blair. Can't wait to see Cyrus. @ Dr. Holland - completely agree with you too - Jenny was my fav character and the most evolved - in season 2 she knew what she wanted and she went for it! her talent as a designer was amazing.. i would have loved to see Little J and Blair as best friends and not frenemies... Also what would J think about Dair???


@Chairfan i read that dan will do something that will shock everyone


LOL Chair fans are ridiculous winning all over the comment section. Grow up. Furthermore, they're not going to marry. If that was true, Blair would be shipped to Monaco and she'd interact with no one. Blair looks pretty, but I find that she could look better. However, she does look great. I find the dress a bit too simply, but it looks ethereal from behind. *gasp* Dorota looks so pretty! I love Blair but I agree with someone who said Georgina needs to bring the humiliation. Blair made mistakes and she must pay for them. I feel for poor Serena and her unrequited crush on mophead boy. I'm loving it though. For once, someone doesn't want her. And that loves her best friend, who she always thought to be better, no less. AH, but I love Serena too. I hate Chair, this is not said enough. To think I loved it once.


All these commments make me want to say : DAIR DAIR DAIR GO DAIR GO!


What the hell is this!? DOROTA SHOULD BE A BRIDESMAID!


The only allowed to walk away is Louis. Blair cheated on him twice and is now being used by her. Bring on Georgina humiliation, Blair needs to be brought back down to earth. This coming from someone who likes Blair, its worse than 'build my world around Chuck and forget I can be independant' Blair. If people really care for the show, they would be rooting for her to be alone, not with chuck or Dan.

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