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@ ChairFan: Blair's hair was a dissgrace, crappy extensions. And this is comming from a Chuck and Blair supporter.


Where in the World is Blair Waldorf?

Ans: I've played this game before, now which country is she headed? Ofcourse, the real question is why Wally doesn't try anymore and where's Carmen Santiago?


I have always loved when GG makes comical promo, but considering how the 100th episode was full of drama, tears, new drama and more tears, I thought GG should have made the promo more serious.
I do NOT like Dan at all. I am just waiting patiently for Dair to be over for GOOD, so Blair can get back to the love of her life; Chuck Bass.


another great funny promo!!


Blair looks so beautiful in her wedding dress, like as beautiful as she's ever looked! I don't know what you guys are watching but I think she's a stunner in that, although I agree some of her styling this season has not been as good as the first couple of seasons


lol at Blair and Louis in the pictures in the paper Blair holds up. Kate and William would be proud.


I can already answer Question 1 from next week's Round Table! Favorite Quote is Airport Girl telling BW she's not as pretty as the real Blair Waldorf. Hair & Make-up Departments take note: "the real Blair Waldorf" is the BW of Seasons 1 & 2!


Well, the girl from the airport is right... Blair is not as pretty as she used to be... Sad =(
And Blair in sweats? Seriously?


They should put up WTF instead of OMG!
Also B. Waldorf wearing sweats? i don't think so.

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