Gossip Girl 100th Episode Review: OM-GG!

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There was really no way Gossip Girl's 100th episode, having been hyped for an entire season, while promising romance, tears, scandals, nods to the past and the mother of all shockers, could live up to expectations.

"G.G." didn't lack for drama, however.

In what has come to be sort of a make-or-break episode, Gossip Girl had a golden opportunity to redeem its recent mediocrity and prove itself worthy of all the passion and loyalty we've invested over the years.

While there were some gaping plot holes and disappointments tonight - especially depending on your couple of choice - you can't find fault with the pure number of twists, especially during the last five minutes.

Seriously ... anyone see that coming?!

Blair Waldorf: Just Married?

Georgina Sparks is Gossip Girl. Wow. Talk about saving the best for last. We have approximately eight million unanswered questions regarding how she pulled this off undetected all these years ... but wow.

Who else could it be, though? Michelle Trachtenberg was hands down the best part of this episode, and every one she's been in. No other villain could compare mix it up with the Upper East Siders like Georgina.

From a plot standpoint, it actually made sense that Gossip Georgina was the one to torpedo the royal wedding. Much as she tried to pin it on Chuck, Serena, Dan and Nate, none of them would do that to B.

G? She made clear early on that she had no such reservations. With G.G.'s identity still unknown to all the characters, and Trachtenberg sticking around, it will be very interesting to see if she's unmasked by the gang.

Or if she's not really Gossip Girl. Our Round Table will tackle that tomorrow!

While her latest, greatest act of sabotage came out of left field, that's not exactly out of character for her. Every line out of her mouth was hilarious, but never more so than when she referred to their annual "shindig."

She really does show up without notice, and possesses an unparalleled way of stirring up trouble on a grand scale with seemingly no emotional attachment or conscience. Personality-wise, she's tailor made for the part.

Having been down for the count, Gossip Georgina saw an opportunity for a big comeback and taking down Blair was the prime opportunity. Awful as we all feel for B, you gotta hand it to Evil G for this coup.

Putting aside the logistical impossibility of an entire church full of people reading her blast simultaneously - some of us turn off our phones at weddings, Josh Safran!! - kudos to the show for keeping that under wraps.

The episode wasn't perfect, but it definitely injected the season with some fresh life, thanks to G.G. and the revelation that Louis is worse than a boring, uptight stiff that B doesn't really love. Much, much worse.

We all expected somebody would stop the wedding, and knew Gossip Girl would be involved. But the fact that B went through with it in the end, only to be deceived by her prince, is heartbreaking and surprising.

Where does Mrs. Grimaldi (it hurts to even say it!) go from here?

The final twist of the night came when the runaway bride was rescued not by Chuck, but by Dan. Chuck is clearly not out of the picture, but he wasn't on the other end of her distress call. Nice misdirection there.

From Dair and Chair, to Blouis and Derena, this episode gave fans on every side of the polarizing love square (pentagon?) something to talk about. It's hard to even know where to begin - or guess where we're headed.

Blair found out who wrote Louis' vows, but the author himself didn't spill the beans. Chuck confessed his true feelings for her, only to let her go rather than ruin her wedding. Two great guys she has here.

Call them her knights in shining ... purple suits and Muppet hair? In a way, G.G. may have made it possible for Blair to be with Chuck (or Dan) without the baggage of him having ruined her nuptials to Louis.

The interesting thing now is that Chuck and Dan won't necessarily be pitted against each other yet, but joining forces in helping Blair escape the marriage that shouldn't have been. And then there's Serena.

Oh, S. No one can say this episode contained any filler - the characters put it all out there, from G.G. to Chuck, to Nate and even Serena, who dropped a massive L-bomb on Dan ... and we don't mean lonely.

Serena's been doing a lot of soul searching (as has Nate, thanks to his run-in-with "Lola"), but sadly for her, this confession may not be reciprocated. It appears, at least for now, that his heart is with her best friend.

Funny how dreams can imitate real life, isn't it?

In non-romantic couple news, Serena and Blair's friendship actually played a role for once, and for that we are grateful, as that used to be a central component of the show that has been sorely lacking of late.

We'll see if that lasts, considering Dan's role in both of their lives. It's fitting in a way. It wouldn't be S and B without a heavy dose of conflict interspersed with genuine concern and love for one another.

Serena in a Pink Dress

A brief rundown of what else went down this week ...

Adult Entertainment: Rufus, Lily, Eleanor and Cyrus all stepped up big time. My living room definitely got a little dusty seeing Eleanor's scenes with Blair and Chuck, and Blair's with Harold and Cyrus.

All that heartstring-tugging, while often on the back burner in a show that thrives on scandal, gave this wedding-themed installment a much-needed sense of authenticity. For better or worse, and through thick and thin, family is family ... and tonight made the Gossip Girl parents feel extended family to the fans.

Also, a Princess Bride reference from Cyrus? Too easy ... and too awesome for words.

Many people (including this reviewer) mock Rufus and Lily for their declining relevance on the show, so watching them help salvage the wedding, briefly - and reminisce about their own - was a nice treat.

It Feels Like 2007 Again: The promised homages to the old days were there in spades, and incorporated in ways that actually fit the present-day story. Case in point: A memorable Gossip Girl quote ("I love you, always have, always will") which was spoken to a very different character long ago. Also, the cover of "Young Folks" at the onset was fun.

Louis: This guy sucks. However, while pretty much everyone agrees these two aren't meant to be, he showed a side of himself that at least made the character somewhat interesting for the first time ever. Between Louis and G.G., the show created two all-star villains this evening ... NJBC, unite!

The fashion: It was a feast for the eyes. Look for our style recap this week!

Nate and Charlie: It's gonna happen. Nice.

Ivy: Where the heck did she go? Hello?

All in all, it's hard to complain about tonight, which left us on the edge of our seats and genuinely wondering (and caring) where things are headed going forward for the first time in awhile.

Before we turn it over to your comments, here's next week's promo for "The Backup Dan" ...

What did you think of Monday night's Gossip Girl milestone event? Was it the best ever? Did it suck? Somewhere in between Was the big reveal anything like you expected? Discuss below!


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...I hate this „Blair is the new Serena storyline“. The writers clearly destroyed her character. Despite Blair's dark side she was always someone who was loyal and who followed her heart. What happened to you don't give up on people you love? And Blair is always accusing Chuck of ruining her life. No, girl, you are doing that all by yourself!! I really liked Louis showing that he has a backbone and becoming evil. Maybe that will be interesting. What did Blair expect? That a prince would love her after she humiliated him a thousand times? No, Louis is not Dan. I really don't like this version of Blair Waldorf, now Mrs. Grimaldi. I hope the writers give Chuck some happy storylines. I don't want him to pine after Blair for the rest of the season. As for Blair, at the moment I couldn't care less about her or about who she chooses to be with. I don't even care about Dair.


The episode was okay but nothing special. I loved Harold and Cyrus. But where was Roman? I would have loved to see him too.
I love Eleanor and I love that she's a chair shipper!
I enjoyed the Derena scenes and in my opinion there is still a spark between them so there's still hope for them. I liked Serena’s dream sequence. I think Blake did a good job. I had to laug hat Ed, he had difficulty to keep his face straight and not laugh. LOL
Blair has been my favourite character on the show until now. The chair scenes were heartbreaking. But right now I only want Chuck to be happy. I don't even want him to fight for Blair. I mean she told Chuck that she loves him more every day but she still marries another guy? This I cannot understand!...


I have no idea how you found problems with this episode. Didn't live up to expectations? It exceeded mine.
It was the essence of what Gossip Girl is. The most OMG moments ever.
Yesterday I showed a friend (who hasn't seen Gossip Girl before) the first episode ever, and she was shocked by the bombs that were already dropped in just the first episode.
You always let your disappointment with the outcome for Chair and Dair influence your opinions on the writing of the show.


I know this will be a very unpopular opinion but does anyone else feel like the only reason the GG writers are making Louis bad is so what Blair is doing with Chuck can be justified and also so Blair can eventually leave him for Chuck!


And btw, I love Hulu! Airing next day is so much better than CW's web player that takes a week to update.


As a Kristen Bell fan... I'm actually surprised that GG isn't played by her. I admit, my mouth dropped when the camera panned to Georgina, because seriously... who saw that one coming????? Though I do have to say, if Georgina is truly Gossip Girl, the long held secret they've kept in the bag for five years, why reveal her now? Sure, it's a milestone for any TV show to reach 100 episodes, but her identity makes me wonder if the show's end is truly coming to pass? Interviews have stated that this season will end as it's supposed to, regardless if it gets canceled or not. So either the sixth season will be the last season, or Georgina's reveal is an attempt to boost ratings to ensure a next? ....does that mean MT will be doing voiceovers now? Because I can't imagine GG's voiceovers with anyone other than KB.


Well, as much as this episode was anticipated it was a total let down... Looks like the show is turning into "hey, lets do everything we can to keep Blair and Chuck apart!"
Now, Blair might as well be with Dan. They managed to ruin Chair so much that i can't think of a good way for them to come back together. We saw them fight, she forgave him, he cheated on her. His near death experiences, her wedding... All opportunities wasted and if Jenny was still around i would honestly root for her and Chuck.
Oh, and GG revealed... I simply don't care! I stopped caring who she is at the end of second season.
Congratulations on ruining everything there was to ruin!!!


this season is so crazy
Serena is the new blair
Blair is the new Serena
Dan is the new Nate
Chuck is the new Dan
louis is the new Chuck


@HAHAHA why are you do you think they are the endgame? if the writers want to they could destory clair forever and stop hating on dair. every dair fan shaking haters like you off.


1)Thank God Louis is not as retarded as i thought he was!Seriously, if after the GG incident at the wedding he was still all happy and loyal to Blair i'd be so pissed that i'd hunt down Josh and i would choke him with my own bare hands!
2)I loved every single Chair scene... I adored how nervous Chuck was in the presence of Eleanor, Blair's confession for undying love to Chuck was magnifiscent and i was relieved that Chuck didn't try to ruin Blair's wedding...But i was mad he was still blamed for it!
3)I liked that Serena came clean to Dan about her feelings. I really think they'll eventually find their way back together.
4)I liked the ending. Blair asking Dan's help and Georgina being GG wasn't that big of a shock...but it was a good finale!

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