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New year. New Glee! Following a Christmas episode for which I could not hide my disdain, that was the attitude I adopted heading into the winter premiere, "Yes/No."

It lasted about .07 seconds, I'm sorry to say.

Within the first five minutes, this was the random sequences of events thrown our way: an immediate cover of "Summer Nights" from Grease; the announcement that Beiste and Cooter eloped; a Becky-based narration by Helen Mirren because people with Down's Syndrome can apparently sound however they want to inside their head and because, hey, isn't it hilarious to hear a British Oscar winner say the words "bitch" and "reals?!?"

Oh, and the most ridiculous, hardest to believe storyline of all: that Will Schuester plays fantasy football.

Singing While Swimming

Look, I get the argument that Glee is simply meant as a fun distraction for an hour. It's just about singing and laughing and dancing and people like myself shouldn't bother to analyze its lack of storytelling or direction because that isn't what the show is about.

I don't buy the argument - because Ryan Murphy and company have come out many times and said they have grand, societal messages in mind when it comes to the show, meaning the creator himself has said this is really intended as the polar opposite of a carefree, mindless experience - but, hey, I have no problem with those who want to sit back and let the music wash over them.

But an episode such as this made one haphazard effort after another to try and tell multiple stories, to try and develop various characters. It wanted fans to be fully invested in supposedly heartfelt moments... but I couldn't have been the only viewer shaking my head when the plot wanted me to be wiping my eyes.

You know how we're always talking about moving toward marriage? Emma asked Will at one point and I wanted to scream: NO! WE CERTAINLY DON'T KNOW THAT AT LEAST! THE SHOW GOES WEEKS AT TIMES WITHOUT GIVING US A SINGLE WEMMA SCENE! WHY WOULD WE HAVE ANY CLUE YOU TWO WERE HEADED IN THAT DIRECTION?!?

After spending two seasons actually planting decent seeds for this potential couple, Glee held down the fast forward button, just got them together in the offseason, ignored them for months and asked us to believe they were each other's soulmates. I was incredibly impressed by the choreography of the proposal scene, but I couldn't have cared less about the proposal itself. You can't just decide to tug at my heart strings one week, Glee. You need to earn it.

Moreover: come on. Are we meant to believe that Will really doubted his future with Emma because of her disease? Or that he has zero friends? (What about his pals in his fantasy football league?!?) Finn takes him ring shopping? Finn is his best man? Why not develop Will as an actual human being, not just a prop through which New Directions can sing and whine? That's really all this proposal was about, an excuse for the club to take on a new assignment.

Yes, Will used his proposal as a school assignment. What a complete tool.

Relatedly, Finn asked Rachel to marry him. Some may have taken his gold star-inspired speech as beautiful; I took it as pathetic. It's not a romantic notion to propose because the only meaning you have in life is your love for someone else. Your love should not define you, it should complete you (right, Jerry Maguire?). Yes, it does make sense that Finn would feel so lost and confused after hearing such news about his father, but about that:

WTH?!? I see no reason to believe everything about this story wasn't written the day before shooting. From Finn wanting to join the army, to the out-of-left-field admission by his mother, to his question for Rachel... again, no build-up, no investment. Just an utter lack of quality storytelling all around, and all in the name of trying to shock viewers with an ending they can talk about the next morning.

When was the last time Finn even mentioned his father? Now he wants to follow in his footsteps... wait, now he learns some seriously horrifying information... wait, now Kurt is somehow turning this into a sob story about his future at NYADA... and wait, now Finn is proposing. Seriously, that ALL happened in this one episode and that was just one of maybe six storylines the show spewed forth. What's the rush, writers?

This could have been a fascinating arc for Finn if the show possessed a shred of patience. It could have felt like actual character development, stretched over the course of multiple episodes, instead of a series of random events crammed into one hour at the last second.

It's just the same for everything else about the episode. We literally saw Mercedes holding Sam's hand for one second at the end of one episode. Now she's singing about him and fantasizing about him and Glee wants us to root for these two because... because it's in the script, that's pretty much the only reason.

And did NeNe Leakes really make a pun about 40 Acres and a Mule, the post Civil War act that provided land to former slaves? What the heck is going on here?

I know it isn't fun to read a critic bashing a show you like. And my intention is not to belittle those who still get enjoyment out of Glee each week. But it's my job to write an honest assessment and, my goodness, the wheels have fallen off here faster than whatever storylines the show will burn through in two weeks when it returns... with a random Michael Jackson tribute episode. Sigh.

What did you think, Gleeks? Did your heart burst at Will's proposal? Or do you wish we had spent more time with this couple prior to the big development? And what about Finchel? Will Rachel say yes? Should she? Debate these questions now, browse through my favorite Glee quotes from the hour and also check out the following Glee music from the episode:

  Song Artist
Glee cast moves like jagger Moves Like Jagger Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast wedding bell blues Wedding Bell Blues Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast without you Without You Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast the first time i ever saw your face The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast summer nights Summer Nights Glee Cast iTunes
Glee cast we found love We Found Love Glee Cast iTunes


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We live in Texas near the gulf coast. We don't get snow except on rare ooccsians (small, dirty amounts). I lived in northern France for a little while, but I didn't have to drive in the snow, and I didn't have a baby yet. I think it would be nice to visit a snowy place, but moving to one would take a lot of adjusting for me, especially since I am originally from the tropical and humid Philippines.


I was so excited when I heard that glee was doing summer nights with Sam and Mercedes. Grease is one of the best movie/musicals and Glee really hasn't done many covers from it. After I saw it, my intial reaction was "that was all" "did I skip over something?" It was really disappointing. For the rest of the episode although it probably moved too fast, was really good. I loved the proposal, but the Finn and Rachel proposal was so predictable after Finn's meltdown about his dad. I am looking forward to her answer in the Michael Jackson tribute. I have high expectations, don't let me down Glee!


Oh and one more thing. I hated the Summer Nights cover. It was less a tribute and more a rip off. It was poorly done


From the very beginning of this entire series I knew that Finn was going to have issues with deciding his future. I mean in seasons 1-3 he's had trouble deciding between girls, never mind what he wants to do with the rest of his life. I personally hated his proposal to Rachel. Two engagements in one episode? That's too much. Also, high school engagements rarely work out, for Finn it was less an act of love but of desperation. I also found it weird the extent of the Glee Club's involvement in Will's proposal to Emma. I get the number but having a say of what song he sings and Finn being the best man was just plain weird. Ring shopping with your student? Weird. Will needs friends...At least when Ken was around he had a buddy, sort of. Will needs a buddy.


@SuzyQ Finn's dad's urn is in their house, it was shown in his favorite chair in the episode Carol started dating Burt. In the case of military deaths the family has a choice to bury their loved one in a military cemetery or make their own arrangements. It's up to the family.


One last thing that REALLY bothers me about Finn's dad's story is this: His mom knew that Finn's dad died in some city. So, as a veteran, he could be buried in a military cemetery, or have his urn interred there if cremated. This means Finn and his mom have NEVER visited his dad's grave. I hope his mom takes him in a future episode because that sucks big time.


I agree with one thing - Finn's entire thought process about deciding where to go after high school, joining the military, proposing to Rachel should have been extended and drawn out. It could be quite poignant to see a young man who is not quite the academic star, nor athletic star headed for the NFL, grow up and make mature decisions about his life. They didn't have to scuttle his dad's reputation to make a plot thread about Finn joining the military be meaningful. In fact, that should have been the season finale - Finn graduating in his cap & gown, then taking it off to reveal a military uniform to his friends. Many young men AND women who want to get a college degree HAVE to do it by joining the military. There is nothing wrong with it, and the struggle of his family and friends to accept that (over 2-3 episodes) could have been a great finale. Might still be if Ryan Murphy doesn't give it short shrift.


I agree with the author. It seems as though the producers have discovered the main profit to make with Glee is through music sales, so they have focused on the songs and less on the storyline. There are many characters, and I wouldn't mind a "Lost" approach to remedy that. For those who didn't watch "Lost", the episode would focus on one character, develop them and reveal information about their past while having that tie into the overall plot of the series. It's a difficult thing to do, but it would allow for more character definition while maintaining a good storyline. I still enjoy the show, namely because of their diverse and eccentric characters and song performances, but I yearn for something more. Despite my quibbles with the show I'll continue to watch because I think it has a lot of potential.


I thought this was one of the better episodes from a mediocre season. Who watched Glee for the story lines anyway? I watch for the singing and dancing. Wasn't to happy with the Finn proposal tho. I actually like the Mercedes and Sam storyline. The episode needed more Blaine.


One word: Terrible. I think the Glee ship has sailed for me.

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