Fringe Round Table: "Enemy of My Enemy"

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This week in our Fringe Round Table, we examine "Enemy of My Enemy, as the two universes finally came face to face with a shared goal - and everyone made it out alive!

Below, join staff writers Nick McHatton, Sean McKenna and Carissa Pavlica as they share their thoughts on some of the issues found within the hour...


Do you want Peter to go "home?"
Nick: I did, and I still want him to get home eventually, but these last two episodes have upped my enjoyment level for this timeline. I'm finally invested in these characters and I want to see their outcome and what that will do for Peter's character.

Sean: Yes I do, but I've got this weird feeling that through some crazy explanation or twist coming down the road that he maybe is already home.

Carissa: I’m still of the belief that he is home. Whether or not there is something coming that will combine who they are now with who they were, I don’t know. The journey is one heck of a ride so far, and I like where it’s going. I want him to stay.

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What did you think about the characters sharing one conference table?
Nick: I loved it, and I kept singing "one these things is not like the other" to myself because there's at least one mole in their midst.

Sean: I like that both sides seem to be coming together as much as I enjoy bringing back David Robert Jones. It was a very cool twist and I like how it connects with previous seasons. It feels as if everything is coming together.

Carissa: It was fantastic, and yet I felt sort of sad that the characters we grew to love during the first three seasons never had the same aspirations. I think their sitting at that table is sort of symbolic to the reason I hope Peter is home and I want him right where he is.

Since Lincoln wasn't wearing an ear cuff, how was he communicating with everyone else?
Nick: Duh! By telepathy!

Sean: Absolutely no idea. Maybe he has a new super power.

Carissa: Darn it. I was hoping Nick or Sean had the answer because it really bugged me.

What do you think Nina has Olivia "ready" for, exactly?
Nick: She's preparing Olivia to cross over without the aid of technology.

Sean: To destroy the universe? I never believed that Nina was suddenly a good guy but I could tell she was grooming Olivia for something big.

Carissa:  Oh, wow. Nick’s answer is really good. I never even thought of that. I was thinking maybe they would make her into a shapeshifter willingly by getting her to a doctor under the guise of needing to go for her headaches. Now I like Nick’s answer.

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