Fringe Review: The Alternates Unite

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This week's Fringe, "Enemy of My Enemy," has been a long time coming and is a very welcome treat.

Olivia is whispering again, much like she did in season one. We are introduced again to the relationship of Olivia and Astrid as they are laughing together over Walter's experiments. They seem so much closer in this universe. Finally, the setup for season four is paying off.

Peter, Armed

DRJ: I have not missed David Robert Jones' time sensitive threats. Now with the cross-hatched scars on his face and his labored breathing, I just wish he would drop dead. One of my very favorite scenes in years was Peter humiliating him in the interrogation room. His threats sounded so desperate along side Peter's jabs. Yes, he managed to kill a gaggle of people in a children's ward of a local hospital, but Peter had him rattled whether he wanted to cop to it or not.

Broyles and Nina: Questioning Broyles' loyalties on one side of these new universes makes me question them on the other, as well. Is anyone else running into this? It's just so wrong for Broyles to watch DRJ drive away and let him go. I cannot wrap my head around him as a big bad. Nina was always teetering on the edge of good and evil, but Broyles on our side was stiff and cold due to the cards life had dealt him and kind and understanding on the other for the same reason. Perhaps Belly really rubbed Nina's the wrong way. Not that I can recall a recent mention of William. Help me out; what am I forgetting?

The Ear Bobbles: They didn't give Lincoln a groovy ear clip, and yet he was able to talk and they all heard him. So what kind of phone did he have? Granted, its a little inconsistency, but I wish bluetooth clips would take that form, and once you see one it's easy to notice when they are no longer present. He wasn't talking into his sleeve, so what gives?

Astrid: I think it would have been an interesting twist if the Astrid in the expected universe had been autistic rather the the alternate. However, her autistic alternative is far more lively and still different than the one we were used to. She reminds me of Max on Parenthood. Excitable in her genius.

Elizabeth: When Elizabeth told Walternate she thought she could help Peter, I never guessed she would would want to visit Walter. Mentally, I gasped. I can only imagine what Walter was feeling as he brushed Gene as she appeared. It turned out to be a very lovely scene.

The Alternates: The scene of the alternates sitting across from each other with the Bishops at the end of the conference table was symbolic. I wish Walter could have shared in the pride that Walternate felt when Peter noted he was the variable that Jones didn't count on and he was the way to get through to Jones. I didn't realize they were passing so freely through the universes, but was happy they were when Walter and Peter had their conversation. Peter is slowly, and unknowingly, falling for these people he thinks are not his own.

I hate to toot my own horn....oh, who am I kidding? I like to toot it. So, toot toot! Nina is the contact on this side for Jones, so the triple threat is Jones, Broyles and Sharp. For shame on her. She raised Olivia. She must have a heart of solid rock to be able to hurt a girl she has raised from childhood. I pity her. I also hope she dies. Mercy is not my strong point these days and I want the bad guys to melt like Jones did the first time we saw him. Let all three of our evil doers waltz around wrapped like mummies until they rot or are captured.

The intensity will only grow as the episodes continue. I can't imagine a standalone in the midst of such turmoil. Yes, I have been wrong before, but try to pry our minds away from the core plot at this point seems impossible. Let us know what you think the in the comments! Let's keep the Fringe dream alive!


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Actually, I don't think Broyles is a shapeshifter, and I don't think he's a Big Bad either. He's hard to read at the best of times, but I thought I detected a certain resentment when he had to let DRJ go. Isn't it possible that he's been coerced into helping Jones, that his family is held hostage or something? I really can't believe his character would be so fundamentally different in this timeline, especially since the history here hasn't changed much. Peter disappeared in 1985 in both timelines, so how could it have affected Broyles to such an extent? I've always thought Nina was inherently evil, so she doesn't even have to be a shapeshifter to be one of the Big Bads here. Although my daughter has an interesting theory. What if Nina thinks she's communicating with William Bell? It's feasible, we never saw her interact directly with Jones, and she was using a similar type of quantum entangled computer to do so in S1.


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Hmmmm not sure what to think. Alt-Broyles has to be a shape shifter last season he helped our Olivia escape and died in that tank....but NINA! What the heck?!?!? I was NOT expecting her to be the receiver of any messages from the other side! *sigh*


Are you kidding? Alt-Broyles and Nina are shape shifters. Is that not obvious to all? How could it not be.


I don't think this Alt-Broyles actually dies helping Olivia to get out of this redverse! Because you need to remember that Peter didn't exist there until very recently so Olivia never came to this Redverse to get Peter back, but I kind of think they kidnapped her to infiltrates this Blueverse so I don't know how she escapes but I highly doubts it was with the help of Broyles or how do you actually explain that he's still alive? Because if I take your logic, Broyles should have seen that Alt-Broyles's body so...there is a little problem.
I think Alt-Broyles and Nina are human and have their reasons to be a part of DRJ's plan. I don't approve but I'm just waiting to see why they are helping him.
I feel like being the only one who thinks that the characters on this Amberverse aren't exactly the same, and that Peter isn't in his reality at all and that this Olivia isn't the Olivia we know, she shares some common aspect but they are different.


I think it's too easy to expect just because a character has gone bad they are now a shapeshifter. Until they are proven shifters, I'm willing to accept they're just bad. Makes the story far more exciting.


Call me slow but I just realized that David Robert Jones is the real name of David Bowie - The Man who fell to Earth.


If Jones can replace members in Government with shape-shifters then more than likely both Nina and Broyles are shape-shifters. It's not a matter of either of those characters being "Evil" they are just no longer the people they were and are therefore loyal to Jones. I'd like to know why he wanted to meet Walternate so badly? I'd also like to know if Peter did land in a new timeline or if this is just what happened to the people he loved when he no longer was a part of the timeline?


hello, the alternate broyles is a shapeshifter, remember he died helping olivia escape, did you all forget that!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with the review. Peter was great.

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