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I think the reason why alot of people see damon's good deeds so much better than that of stefan's is coz damon is considered the bad guy,so its completely different to watch him doing good things that he isn't used to or capable of doing before,so that's why people appreciate those things and it wipe out all the bad things he's ever done,stefan on the other hand is considered the good one,so even if he did something very good people will take it as anything coz he's used to that kind of things but now that he's bad,alot of people view him only as a monster and forget about all the good things he's ever done.Both stefan and damon has done alot for elena in the name of love.Stefan too has risked his life for her hundred times and he'll do anything for her not only her including her family and friends.


ugh gross


Its about time they kiss they need to be together he is so much better for her she makes him.a much better man. There is nothing he wouldn't do.for her and he is SO much better for her he's not winey ans tells it like it is. Id much rather see Elana with Damon than Stephan I really hope we get to see more of them together and falling even more in love. Im very much team Damon. Think ill have a t-shirt made lol


Who is debating lol? Delena is the end all pairing I've ever witnessed on a television show. I didn't mind stelena, I understand they will come back around to them. The thing is I just don't really care, they aren't gonna be together in the end. If she ends up with a guy, it will have to be Damon. They bring out the best in eachother. The chemistry is palpable and I can't help but fall for it.


Damon was feeling so guilty about wanting to be with Elena. Which he didn't have to be, but he kissed her so now he actually has something SUBSTANTIAL to feel guilty about. Although the kiss would have fit well into the homecoming episode, in my opinion, I personally like DE and don't really care about the time they kissed as long as it's before the end of the season.

The kiss wasn't "passionate" but I don't think it was intended to be.


Come on already with the supressing the feelings that Elena has.

Who cares who the naked crap is with, he loves Elena soooooooooo
Elena should get jelous, grab Damon, and valla!!


I am not saying she should be with him but a devil in love would be freakin exciting}


There is no debate. Delena should be endgame. No hate for Stelena but c'mon, this isn't even fair


Delena and Stelena probably the biggest fued in a while. Damon def. made the right decision, you can tell that Elena is falling for him and that Damon fell for her a LONG time ago. Why can't they just be together, Stefan won't be coming back ANY time soon. Damon, everyday puts his life at risk for her, and all she does is say "Thank you, Damon." If I had a guy that would rist his life for me any day, I'd gladly kiss him, and I would be with him.


Delena is perfect and should be endgame. I am not even a shipper but just being honest. I liked her first love with Stefan but SE is better apart and DE better together. Their wouldn't be a need for a second if there was a first. Damon gives Elena a pulse that will quicken over time. Stefan is my fave character and that being said I want him with Caroline, as endgame.


It was perfect! and now I want more Delena kisses but I know it's too soon so we must wait for it.

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