Debating Delena: Vampire Producers Speak on THE KISS

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It's the moment many Vampire Diaries fans are still buzzing over: Damon. Elena. The kiss that shocked the world.

Why did it take place on "The New Deal?" Was that always the plan? What's the thought process that goes into plotting this sort of major event? Vampire producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries share their thoughts on this interesting topic below:

What is your take on the kiss? Were you happy with when and how it took place?

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@imonmon..Sure there is another option, but this doesn`t includes a "forever". Well, you`re right with the opinion Elena could take the few years with one of them, either Damon or Stefan, and than realize that a bird and fish can love eachother, but where can they both live together? A vampire is a predator and never gets old, i mean not superficial. And Elena will turn 30, than 40, how can she be lucky with somebody who isn`t capable for any development. In the books, Damon gets human again. Maybe there is our loophole. Besides, the first kiss was perfect. But for the next time, i want to see Elena loosing control and behavior. This is something i always wanted for Elena. She`s just so perfect behaved, that`s kind of annoying. Loosing control is part of life..That`S why i think Damon is perfect for her. He behaved better, she on the other side is the cooler version of herself..


They should never have kissed and never should again. After everything that Stefan has done for both Elena and Damon and they do this behind his back without any respect, it's rediculous! Elena belongs with Stefan, so that's the only person she should be kissing.


Why does every one think Elena has to become a vampire to be with Stefan or Damon? Buffy was goon be with Angel and turning into a vampire was never an option for her. I think Twilight has brainwashed people. There is another option. The kiss was perfect.


The only problem with the kiss was the timing. Delena had to happen b/c the show has to make money by pleasing fangirls who sit around all day wishing heaven would drop a Damon on their laps. The timing? Horrid. It's like season 2 finale all over again. Stefan makes the ultimate (and frankly unappreciated) sacrifice for Damon and Damon gets rewarded. Yeah, there's everything else going on, but really Damon could have waited at least 2 - 3 episodes for Elena to ponder on this new Stefan development. Now Elena is going to be an even bigger cardboard that she already is... sad day...


I voted ''too soon'' on the poll... But the strange thing is i was between ''too soon'' and ''too late''. I think that many of the ''almost kisses'' moments were a lot more suitable for the actual kiss to happen! But since it didn't, i was hoping it would happen after the whole deal with ''bad'' Stephan had been cleared out so that Elena wouldn't be in that fragile state... That way the kiss wouldn't be so akward (from Elena's side) and we wouldn't have to worry that the moment Stephan gets back to his senses Elena will fall into his arms out of guilt and confusion!


@lilli: I loved your comment. It's right. Damon and elena are just meant for each other.
And I hope they will be endgame.


It`s very interesting to read the different opinions here. For me neither Damon nor Stefan coud be endgame. Because Elena wants to stay human, and i love her for that. In the last season she told Stefan she wants to grow old, have kids and so on, and we are not in stupid twilight where this is possible.
And i think that Stefan loves Damon more than anybody else. It was his choose to sacrifice himself for Damon, because he loves his brother. That is something even Elena realized when she told Damon during the pillow talk in "ordinary people".. it won`t be because he loves will be because he loves you..And for me.. the kiss was whatever it will bring these two..



Lord of winter

@Stfelena,Very good words very good.


And i completely understand why people think that it wouldn't be fair to damon if elena chose stefan at the end coz of everything damon has done to her which means it will all be for nothing if she didnt chose him but also it wouldn't be fair to stefan too if she chose damon after everything stefan has done for her and damon.He has sacrifised alot and everything he's done ever since he left was for the two of them.

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