Castle Review: Dirty Politics

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Following a somewhat disappointing 2012 premiere, Castle returned this week with "Dial M for Mayor," an installment that investigated the death of an author involved with Mayor Weldon.

Before we discuss the forward-moving episode, let’s give a quick shout out and congratulations to Nathan Fillion and the cast of Castle for their big wins at the People’s Choice Awards. Fillion won for Favorite TV Drama Actor and the show won for Favorite TV Crime Drama. Take that CSI!

Castle, Beckett and the Mayor

After last week’s wedding pick-up artist episode, hopes were high that the show would rebound with one of its kooky and entertaining hours. Although it wasn’t the most intense outing we’ve encountered, it set the tone for the rest of the season and laid the stepping stones for important information.

To wit:

  • Alexis is bored and is looking for something else to do, possibly an internship. 
  • The Mayor is needed in office to keep Castle in place to prevent Beckett from snooping. 
  • There are people who control the city. Who are they?
  • Gates is on the detectives’ sides.
  • This was a welcome guest stint from Derek Webster aka Mayor Weldon. I wouldn’t mind having him pop in more often.
The Mysterious Man Is Back. Castle received a call from the man who had previously helped him out with Beckett’s murder investigation of her mother. At first I was thrown by the call. There hasn’t been any mention of the prior situation and it pretty much popped back out of nowhere. The spooky voice met Castle in an even spookier parking lot to let him know he's a pawn. The Mayor has to stay in office to keep Castle at the station to keep Beckett from looking into her mother’s case. I couldn’t help thinking about the old Michael Douglas movie, The Game.
This is an unexpected twist in a series long mystery. We don’t need the Beckett files constantly, but it is nice to be reminded of one of the underlying issues. Who is behind all of this? Hopefully it won’t take too much longer to figure it all out.

The Goddess. The weekly case took us into the world of a woman author who had been working as a sex line operator for her latest book project. Information she heard over the phone led her to investigate undercover at the Mayor’s office where a scandal was going down. Not surprisingly, the investigation led the detectives to one of the Mayor’s assistants. This was definitely predictable, but him not being the killer wasn’t. Who did he call that performed the murder? Any guesses?
After Thoughts:
  • There was absolutely no mention of Ryan’s wedding. He was just back at work, guess he didn’t take a honeymoon. No talk of how fun it was or anything. Kind of a let down considering we only saw a few minutes of it in the first place.
  • Castle totally used Siri on his iPhone 4s. Pure awesomeness. 
  • Nathan Fillion got a shout out on the last episode of The Big Bang Theory. Both shows = total fun.
Even though this wasn’t a stellar episode, it moved the story forward. Now if we could only get some headway with Caskett, things would be great.
There have been a few really great episodes this season, and some not so much. Here is hoping that one of the upcoming are going to rock our worlds before we get in a Castle slump. I am looking forward to either a tension filled, serious crime hour (a la "Countdown" and "Setup") or an extremely kooky fun and unpredictable episode.
What do you think, TV Fanatics.? Is Castle giving us episodes that don’t live up to their potential? Or are our expectations too high for the series and we have come to expect awesomeness every week? Either way, sound off and let us know what you thought of "Dial M for Mayor” and check back for the Castle Round Table later this week. 


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I love this show but promise I'll barf if someone calls the captain "sir" one more time!


I don't trust the captain....she has her own agenda...personally I think she was in on the framing of the mayor....just don't trust her


I was a bit saddened you didn't touch on the hyposcrisy in the episode that sprung up. Specifically how the episode was all about them following the evidence to justice and then pursuing that whether or not it was what they wanted to do. I say hypocrisy because when Montgomery admitted his guilt they ended up burying that because they all knew him. Isn't it just flat out wrong for them to preach one thing but when the rubber hits the road to do another?


I've actually got a bit more time on my hands for some Castle fanfic.
I'm just wondering if the whole "I love you" thing was a tad bit too soon personally I Would have wrote it that he held her while bleeding and whispered something in her ear that we the audience never got to hear then it could be revisited later on and the big reveal.
The problem once you throw a "I love you" out there it's really demanding of a reasonably immediate reply of some type. It's not baby steps it's 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Quite frankly the audience is smart enough to see the stalling.
I've said secrets can be damaging because I see these 2 secrets Kate's, "I love you and Castles trying to protect her about to collide!!
And if I was Castle I would have recorded every conversation and details with the mystery man.
Gates is out for herself, yes it was a nice speech and I wholeheartedly agree about seeing if she bounces :) But it was only a speech, just nice words.


When I saw the promos for this episode, I could sense the sharks swimming. Luckily, while I don't think they were jumped, if this episode was meant to be this year's 'Knockdown', then it was a disappointment. I'll hold off judgement for a few more episodes to see if they come back to this topic in a better fashion. I agree with the comments below that this story line has gone on long enough. It's time to wrap it up and bring in another. I can see it becoming like the 'X-Files' mythology (sorry, Mr. Bowman) that became so convoluted as to be silly. The story in this episode stretched credibility to the limits. I was astonished that there was not more made of Castle having to watch his friend's career come screeching to a halt simply so he could 'save' another friend. I am an unabashed shipper, but thought the names were second. My favourite bit was the exchange of smiles when Castle told the mayor that 'she's the best'.

Sue ann

@ Mike and David I agree that things are moving slowly, but what the bosses on this show said near the end of season 4 was that there would not be a full-out romance between Castle and Beckett until mid-season 6. We have a year to go. They are still taking baby steps towards that goal; in this episode, as several have noted, the incidence of first-name-use has noticeably increased. So long as there is progress, and so long as the quality of the show, OVERALL, stays up, I am happy to wait. But it has reached the point of ridiculousness already. I suppose they don't think so, or they are in love with their plan. I'll wait, but it does seem silly. Castle is exhibiting the patience of a saint, and I don't really think he is a saint. (And I absolutely LOVED the Nick and Nora Charles movies. William Powell was one of my very favorite movie stars.)


yeah the Captain would have had Castle kicked out of the precinct in a heartbeat so much so that it took a shadowy figure to keep Castle IN the precinct so that wouldn't happen. So much for Castle being a part of the team..
And yes I think they have stalled the characters somewhat.


It seems like they are loosing steam. It drives me crazy that just when you think they are getting close to getting answers they pull away. Just like the character of Kate and Castle. Its taken too long. They are dragging it out which means after a good long run its time to write the final chapter.

Sue ann

The spooky garage setting reminded me of Deep Throat and the Watergate cover-up investigation, too. (I did not see that Michael Douglas movie.) I think our expectations have gotten rather high, but it is not unreasonable, as the writers and actors frequently meet those expectations, which is how they got that way in the first place. This show gets better. Bones, for instance, does not. My expectations there have dropped. This episode was nothing special, although it was the first time that I did not want to drop their new Captain off the top of their building to see how high she would bounce. But I would not go so far as to characterize her as being on the side of the detectives. She is on the side of her career. In this instance, she told them to do the right thing. But that was only this time.


Lilac, Norris was not the killer. We don't know who actually killed Laura, but we do know that Norris made a call to someone and that someone was responsible for Laura's death. Most likely, the next time we hear about Norris is when he turns up dead which is what happens to anyone that crosses the Dragon. It has been the history of this show that episode 13 (in this case 12 because of the 23 episode order) to deal with the Dragon and the conspiracy behind Johanna Beckett's murder. Laura was killed because much like Johanna Beckett before her she stumbled upon evidence of corruption at the highest levels. What we learned in this episode is that the Mayor who some suspected to be the Dragon is a good guy, and that Mr. Smith is using Castle to keep Beckett away from any case that directly ties to the Dragon. With this case, the groundwork has been laid for the revelation of Castle's secret later on this season. This is what we were meant to take from this episode.

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