Bianca Lawson Lands Role on Teen Wolf

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Bianca Lawson is on her way to MTV.

The former Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars recurring player will appear on at least four episodes of Teen Wolf as Ms. Morrell, the guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School.

Bianca Lawson Picture

E! News first reported the casting and adds that the following new faces will also play roles on season two of Teen Wolf: Gage Golightly, Sinqua Walls and Michael Hogan.


To jake, he character of maya fom pretty little liars was found dead in the second season finale. Remember the cop cars outside I think Emily's house where they found Maya's body?


She looks as beautiful now as she did on Buffy. She's make a good love interest for Derek.


Or perhaps gage will be dereks love interest... but she'll be a highschool student which would be weird.


Maybe she will be Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) 's love interest? But they wouldn;t look like a very good couple...


I hope this doesn't mean she is leaving PLL. Her and Emily's reationship is one of the best aspects of the show and she and shay Mitchell have mad cemistry as actors. Not something you easily find. Don't lose Lawson PLL.


can't believe she's 32. . she looks so young especially in pretty little liars. . oh well. . .


Love her. Hope she comes back to Vampire Diaries.


The actress can play so many roles, it's amazing. I love Biance Lawson!


Smh she can do whatever role she land... Its a acting business most people who you think is the "right age" isnt... I put my money on it that if yall didnt know her age yall wouldnt care.... Now im glade that she got this role and any role that she plays now or in the future :)


Wait, huh? Guidance counselor? Is she finally playing closer to her actually age. Strange.

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