Archer Review: "El Contador"

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With Burt Reynolds back in Tinseltown, or whatever the Hollywood types are calling it these days, Archer and Lana got to return to what they do best: spy missions.

This week, the two hilariously brought along Cyril as they headed to the jungle to capture a wanted drug dealer and claim some much needed cash for ISIS.

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Yes, apparently even the economy hits secret service agencies. And, trust me, if you were in Malory's tax bracket, you wouldn't just have nicer clothes and hate socialist propoganda; you'd send your best agents to claim a million bucks as well.

While I miss Ray out in the field, I have to admit that Cyril probably had his strongest episode as "El Contador." Besides, when a mission calls for an undercover accountant and not a shopping cart, can you blame Malory for her last minute switch?

I often find the strongest scenes and best dynamic on the show is between Archer and Lana while they're on missions. This week proved no exception, and was only improved upon with the Ghost of Teddy Roosevelt along for the ride.

Cyril not only gave Lana and Archer a mutual target for their wit, but finally got us non-field agents some much needed information. No, not what your six is.  ome on, even Cyril should know that. I'm talking about what a klick is. Yeah, that's right, it's not a sound, it's a thousand meters.

I loved every second of the gang's adventure, from the ridiculous parody of The Most Dangerous Game all the way up until they forgot to get a receipt for turning in Calzado (Joaquim de Almeida).

This time around, the weekly ISIS goons provided comic relief in the drug theme of their own: via drug tests back at the office.

When they learned it was going to be more than just a pot test for beatboxing Pam and that Cheryl's groovy bears and Ironside's designer drugs were going to land them looking for jobs in this economy, the gang looked to that Nazi clone bastard Krieger for help.

You know any episode that starts with asking Krieger for help is going to lead to a hilarious adventure.

While I certainly wouldn't recommend Krieger Kleanse for the average employee looking to pass a drug test, it definitely led to entertainment as the kids stripped down and fought off Decepticons, all while managing to produce (presumably clean) urine. 

Overally, I thought it was a stronger effort than the season three premiere, and can't wait to head out for more spy adventures next week.

Now I'll leave you with whatever jokes, observations and obscure references I couldn't manage to cram into the review above:

  • Some offense. Loved Lana's usage and it may have to come into my vocabulary.
  • I literally figuratively scoured the web to pick my favorite obscure references this week and it's down to Ironside and Marlin Perkins 
  • For you not Florida folks, the most dangerous game in the world, aka Jai Alai, is not only highly accurate description, it's also a blast to bet on.
  • Crocodiles on a three wheeler - how scary would that be?
  • You're looking for predator aren't you?
  • Alright, and with that I'm out. I gotta get back to Earth before the Stargate closes.

El Contador Review

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I gotta get back to Earth before the Stargate closes.


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