90210 Review: Out With The Old, In With The New?

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Happy New Year! But was it really? It seemed that 2012 just brought new 90210 drama in "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot?."

When last we met, Liam (aka AbMan) had found out that Annie was a whore and had then proceeded to get run over and left in the middle of the street... only to be rescued by the very same chick who ran him over. Dixon had used Adrianna's song about Maizy, her given-up-for-adoption daughter, to lay down some mean beats on his latest "hit." Navid had gotten beat senseless by Uncle Amal's thug buddies and Naomi had caught cowpoke Austin poking her arch-nemesis, Holly.

As usual, Naomi had the best lines of the night. Not to mention the best hairstyles and outfits. Whether it was a pulled-back bun or a Veronica Lake old-school flip, the girl rocked every single look she was put in. Including the topless one behind the curtain at the Pasadena Debutante's Snow Ball.

I love me some Naomi and I have to say she handled every situation she was placed in with aplomb and pinache. This certainly was not the old brat of past seasons. So what that she was looking to get over Austin by banging a cadet at the ball? She seemed to have taken Rachel's words of wisdom to heart and decided Naomi was more important than any Tom, DICK or Harry that came along. Hope it's a lesson that'll stick.

Caught Half-Naked!

Dixon and Adrianna continued their hot and heavy romance until the "pressures" of fame started to work Dixon's (aka Black KFed) last nerve. Why the hissy fits and histrionics, Dixon? You've been in the music business forever. Why did Adrianna have to remind him of the sleazeballs that permeate that industry? Did he just realize that most of those dudes just want to get laid? Had he never really looked at Adrianna? Methinks he'd been wearing that lame fedora too tight. But I did dig the new razor lines cut into the side of his head.

Liam got heavily involved with Vanessa, the duplicitous scam artist that not only ran him over but also saved him once she discovered he was AbMan. Annie was dead set against it until being told by nearly everyone to turn the page and let Liam live his life. Yeah, sure, let him get taken by yet another psychotic chick. While I thought reviving the love affair between Annie and Liam was like flogging a dead horse, I'd like to see what Annie does with the information she has that Vanessa is the new Sybil. One dame with 18 personalities. Something wicked just landed in Beverly Hills. Good times!

And speaking of Annie, she's rich, bitches! Finally getting her hands on Marla's inheritance meant she apparently liked blowing her cash on tacky clothes for Dixon and repaired bikes for Liam. Will she try to buy back Adrianna's kid, too? And was it wrong of me to like her hot mess of a "Hello to a New Year" party?

Silver continued to pursue her newfound relationship with Greg while also finally being told by Cat that Navid had been trying to turn his nefarious Uncle Amal into the cops by playing undercover. A case of too little, too late, since Navid's attempt at reuniting with Silver fell on dead ears. By the way, what was up with Silver's matronly, Mad Men housewife look at Annie's New Year's party? Ugh. At least they finally put the Uncle Amal story to rest by bringing Navid's shady dad back to face the music and rescue his son. That's the least the old pornographer could do.

Ivy seemed to have gotten over Raj mighty quickly. Does anyone else think Nick's sort of greasy and disposable? Is it too late to bring Raj back? I really didn't see the chemistry between those two but then again Ivy's always been sort of a pill and tends to bring all her lovers down.

For once, I felt like these kids had finally grown up. High school seemed worlds away. I guess prostitution, drugs, car theft rings, hit-and-runs and adopted kids can do that to a person, though, huh?

What'd you guys think? Has Naomi turned over a new leaf and become the new, improved version of her former vapid self or will this be a case of the more things change, the more they stay the same? Will Silver tell Adrianna that the dude's she's now dating is the adopted daddy of her baby girl? Will Vanessa lead Liam down a doomed path? And will Dixon and Ivy finally stop wearing those equally annoying doofus fedoras? Inquiring minds want to know.

Oh, and one last thing. Lesson of the night, kiddies: rebound sex doesn't work.


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I hope by annie going to carniage melon shes not leaving the show, hear greg asks silver to move with him ti ny wish she would. Why does liam sleep with a girl like a second after he meets her, naomi, jen, jane or least sleep with every girl that comes along. Dont like ivy/,nick. Liked ade/dixon sl, &silver finding out about maisy,like how annie keeps changing her hair, loved that gang celebrated new years(though late). Vanessa is creeping me out, why would hit someone, not report it, lie about the accident, be superglued to liams side?whats with all the ids? I feel like she was telling liam what to do telling him"some people need to break out of hsbit &do something new," ,plus why take him skydiving &bungee jumping when his doctor told him to take it easy? Get rid of vanessa &get lannie together.


The entire Naomi-Austin story line was hard to watch. I liked them together but I hated how as soon as they have their first kiss after the party at CU it goes straight to the same old song and dance where Naomi treats the guy like crap and pushes him away. Same exact thing she did to Liam. On a different note, anyone else finding that Silver and Ivy's boyfriends look startlingly similar? I don't know what's going to happen with Navid now. I really hope Cat gets out of the picture. I'm really just sick of Navid's character in general... I haven't lost all fate though because I really hated Adrianna last season and they've managed to make me see her in a better light since. Let's hope they can do a fun storyline with Navid that doesn't involve him crying over Silver.


I really appreciated the character development that we saw in most of the characters in this episode. And I really liked how more or less, every storyline followed the episode's theme. Props to Naomi because not only did she look great in every scene she was in but the way her character is developing is really great. I never really liked her with Austin so I'm just grateful that this character was a catalyst for her to change. Liam and Annie need to get back together. And I know they will! It'll be interesting and fun to watch Annie take "Vanessa" down. I'm glad that Navid's storyline is finally over and that he and Silver didn't get back together. I think Silver's new relationship is interesting because it's going to need a lot more maturity as compared to the other relationships we've seen. As for Maizy's role in all of this, I think it'll bring Adrianna's vulnerability more than ever before. That'll be great to watch too. Over-all, great episode to start the year!


ok for a while there I was thinking that Greg's daughter would have just been a coincidence but then he said her name was Maize (I'm not sure if that's how you spell it) and I was like wtf?!? That's not even the same actor who played the adoptive father in season 1!! Continuity and 90210 are like water and oil, they just don't mix!


Im a fan of 90210 since seas0n 1. I want the old couple back brinq bk season 1. Annie borinq she cant act. Love naomi she belonqs wit liam. dixon and sliver. adrianna and navid she get married and raise the little girl together he was there for her whole prengnacy. and brinq bk ethan maybe he could be for annie come 0n ppl we all these are the couple that bel0nq toqether


Naomi is such a delight... Luv her! I'm still hoping Max will return and sweep her off her feet!!! The storyline did go everywhere but Mars, but I'm gonna keep watching to see what happens...


I only watch for Naomi who was great but Vanessa was great too. Greg/Silver aren't bad. It's too bad that they're probably going to put Liam/Annie and Silver/Navid back together or at least break up the new couples. Annie was actually not horrible this episode despite the poor writing. Dixon just gets worse and worse. Nick and Ivy are boring. Can Austen leave now? Please?


Speaking of Silver, I like her and Greg, but I don't see them continuing with Adrianna always hanging off her shoulder. I know for a fact she'll tell someone and then Adrianna will find out.Annie and Liam will always have a spark. I already predict a reunion. Detective Annie should be fun. I mean, Annie has changed more careers than she did clients, so her investigation into Vanessa should be fun. In regards to the maroon paint on Liam's bike, wouldn't the cops have done an analysis on his bike when investigating the hit-and-run, eventually discovering that he was hit by a maroon car - not a black one - which in turned filed a report, which then Liam would have found out? Sloppy writing there.
On a completely another new storyline, am I the only one who is waiting for a confrontation between Adrianna and Naomi? They're the only two characters to not be in the same room together this season and I'm just waiting for a fight between them.


Naomi was amazing. I agree. She's always looking stunning. I do hope she sticks with having a career for a while, as I'd like for her to stay away from guys for a while.
I loved Adrianna and Dixon, but his jealous behaviour was dumb. Even I thought he was taking it too serious. Unless Adrianna was offended, he needed to calm down.
As for Ivy, she's just as boring as Navid. Honestly, it's obvious Raj will come back, just as she's falling for Nick and he'll tell her that he really left, because he was dying. Obvious prediction.
Navid's storyline was boring and a waste of time. It was built up into turning into this huge thing and then what? They bring his father back to only turn himself in, which only ruin the whole plot? Pointless. The only good thing to come of this was the ending of Silver and Navid and the introduction of Kat, who I actually liked.

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