2 Broke Girls Creator Clashes with Reporters Over Sitcom Tone, Humor

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2 Broke Girls is one of the most popular new shows on television, averaging over 13 million viewers per week.

But most of those in the Television Critics Association aren't among the CBS sitcom's supporters, as a handful of reporters clashed this afternoon with creator Michael Patrick King during the show's panel awkward, tense session.

2 Broke Girls Crew

The main points of contention centered on the reliance of low brow humor, often stemming from stereotypical jokes aimed at (or by) Oleg and Han.

King insisted the series aims to "take everybody down," adding that the ethnic characterizations are "broad and brash and very current" and giving the odd defense that "every character when its born is a stereotype."

At one point he got into it with Tim Molloy from The Wrap and, I guess, tried to prove how his show's preferred style of jokes can work in any setting, implying that Molloy’s Irish heritage is the source of sexual problems.

“The show is sophisticated and naughty and I think everyone likes a good naughty joke,” King said. “I feel no need to pull away from the brand of 2 Broke Girls, which is basically ballsy, in your face and hopefully funny.”

Do you agree? Do you think the jokes on 2 Broke Girls are overly low brow?

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All I have to say is that when George Carlin first burst onto the scene everybody thought he was crass & distasteful, you can say the same thing about eminem & his lyrics if you think about it their scripts take no prisoners, all things go, that's the way it should be... what it comes down to being are equal opportunity jabs at everyone's heritage, culture, religion, ethnicity & walk of life. If anything I should be offended because I'm russian w/ the way the writer's portray Oleg but I actually find humor in it, you can't take yourself to seriously in life or you'll never get out alive, so to speak, as the saying goes. Oleg is representative of the typical quintessential russian, foul mouthed, etc- very stereotypical but it's common and so I don't take offense. So I say bring on the vulgarities, the more raunchy the better @ least in my taste/pt of view.


Leave the show alone..a lot of people enjoy it, including my mother who is in her early 60s. If you don't like it turn it off and leave the rest of us alone who don't have perfect lives like the people that hate this show! There are true people in that age going through the samne thing the girls are..ranging from losing all the families money being left for broke,and being raised because your parents were not around.


I love Kat Dennings. Love, love, love her. And while, I do not think the jokes are too crass, very often they are quite unoriginal. I still watch because I think the cast is fantastic, but really, very often, I know the punchline before the set up is even completed. So in my opinion, cast gets an A-, but the script writers get a C-.


It's not the jokes that are offensive, just the really bad acting.


i really enjoy this show too"" it's intresting & cute with the horse & all, i like the two girls chemistry, it's a nice new 30min enjoyable show to look forward too, & make you relaxe & smile & laugh with them.. Thank you for this lighthearted show, it's really refreshing :) one of my favorite to watch & dvr...:) :) :)


get a grip! this show is freaking awesome!


I love this show. It is nice that there is finally a show to say what most of us waitresses would love to say to customers. If you don't like it, just dont watch it. Leave this one alone!!!


The sex jokes are overused.


I look forward to every new episode. Everytime, I almost fall out of the sofa, from laughing so hard!!!!! It's a sitcom don't take it seriously!!!


I don't have an issue with using stereotypes for humor. In the two or three episodes I watched of 2 Broke Girls, none of their offensive humor was actually funny, so I stopped watching.

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