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I'm going to be honest. Chris sucked. He can't sing, I love T.I.'s "Live Your Life" and he just ruined it. I liked "Hey Homie" but I think its sad Drew went home and Chris is up there singing that crap, and I didn't even like Drew's singing. Chris should go home this week based off of performances.

Rachel slayed the first song, but the second song sounded Disney to me. She did okay, but I think her time will be up soon.

Marcus, he owned the night. I don't like when he dances and sings, he just needs to sing. He's a church boy, sing and do nothing else. He's not Bobby Brown so just sing Marcus and you won't go wrong.

Josh, hated the first song because it wasn't him. Rihanna and Josh don't mesh in my mind. The second song didn't wow me, but it was him and vocally he was good.

Melanie. She.....well, she killed it. I loved Adele, though I don't agree with the song choice, but she did it justice. She redeemed herself with the second song because she killed it. I love that song from the Prince of Egypt and she did it as well as Whitney and Mariah, which is hard to do.

I predict that Marcus will survive the week, but based off of performances I think Chris will finally know where to go after this week which is home.


Between Chris and the chubby Cuban lady. IDK...but if Marcus doesn't leave next Ill stop watching.

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