The Vampire Diaries Picture Preview: "The New Deal"

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Look out, Mystic Falls. Klaus is on the warpath.

That's our main takeaway from the following set of photos, all courtesy of the January 5 return episode, "The New Deal." That, and this: Jeremy is itching for some action.

Browse through the pictures below to get an early glimpse at scenes from next week's installment, including Klaus confronting both Elena and Damon; those two seeming getting closer to one another - as teased by Julie Plec in this interview -  and Jeremy taking aim with a crossbow...

Threatening Elena
An Armed Jeremy
Klaus vs. Damon
A Tease of Delena
Showdown in the Grill
Bromance at the Bar
Tyler in the Woods

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Kristi potter

I agree with Britt and Stranger. All the negativity is depressing. Constructive criticism is one thing, but continually bashing a show every day that you still watch is obsessive.


I agree with Britt. Caroline is my favourite character, but just because she doesn't appear to be in the next episode from the photos, doesn't mean TVD isn't worth watching. Caroline isn't even in the main storyline anyway, and everyone else plays great characters.


I can't wait to see more of Klaus! But more delena?? Seriously? :(

Kitanishi h mcdonald

I htink you mean "I am" not "We're" since you so far seem to be in minority :)


Bored Now, shut the fuck up. We're sick of your bitching.


Klaus will definitely do whatever it takes to get his familyy back from stefan. Even if it means hurting everyone!!!


Go get them Nick.Wait,i just thought about something,damon has never been compelled by an original,right?He better be careful,coz these time around he might not wanna mess with klaus.Can't wait.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

More forced DE stuff? Grreat...not. LOL AT Jeremy. Well this show has jumped the shark now.
Alaric seems to have gotten over Jenna awfully fast...oh wait, who's jenna? right, no one. show forgot she existed. Otherwise too much Miss Cardboard Elena Swan in those screenshots to get excited about anything. I guess TVD will premiere WEEK after this for me since I will skip this one. Why? This has no caroline.

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