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Klaus: What is it?
Stefan: I just, I, wow, I really can't hold my liquor like Damon


your place or mine..........


Stefan thinks : 'I wish people were like money so you could hold them up to the light to see whish one's are real and which one's fake.'


klaus:so let me get this love elena who loves you but katherine loves u .damon use to love katherine untill he found out that she loves you so now he loves your gilfriend .who loves you but kissed im.did i get it right?
Stefan:mmmmmm pretty much
Klas:dude that is really messed up.
Stefan :ino i think i will get back with katherine
Klas:but im out to kill her
stefan:what will i do??????


"Yes that's right, Stefan, I've superglued your hand to your face."


Klaus: "I'm gonna count to three before I rip out your heart"

Stefan: "Oh, c'mon, it's just some harmless fun"

Klaus: "I don't want to talk about it...1"

Stefan: "So what, you played spin the bottle...I hear he's a good kisser" *Stefan laughs uncontrollably*

Klaus: "2"

Stefan: "I guess Tyler really is sired to you now."

Klaus: 3...*Klaus punches his hand through Stefan's chest and pulled out his heart* "Told you"


Stefan: Hey, you look familiar

Klaus: Your mistaken, I' here

Stefan: No, I definitely remember you. I think it was in the twenties...let me think, let me think. Rebekah, isn't it?

Klaus: You've got to be kidding me, right?

Stefan: You're right, it couldn't have been you, she had nicer legs.


Stefan: You have beautiful eyes... did you know that?
Klaus: Thanks, they're Original.


Stefan : So dude did you see Twilight breaking dawn part 1 ?
Klaus : Yeah, poor Jacob he loved Bella and she goes and marrys that Evil Bloodsucker.
Stefan : But Bella loved Edward .
Klaus : And he turned her !
Stefan : Dude she was dieing and she wanted to become a vampire.
Klaus : I found it unrealistic.
Stefan : Well I cried .
Klaus : That's where we're different you want to feel every episode of how I met our mother.


Klaus:What are you staring at?
Klaus:Seriously,what is it?
Stefan:It's just that..
Klaus:That what?You better spit it out before I make it come out of you.
Stefan:It's just that you have a great big original zit on your face.

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